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How to Keep Mice out of BBQ Grill

mice can cause a lot of damage

Mice need a dark, quiet place to nest and breed, and your outdoor BBQ grill can be a perfect shelter for them to settle in and raise their young. But, is there something more disgusting than mouse droppings around the food? It’s already known that mice and food simply don’t go together. In other words, […]

How to Kill a Tree Stump?

tree stump

Do you know how to kill a tree stump? It’s straightforward and easy to do, yet many are having issues dealing with them. Having a healthy, tree that is not dying out, in a place where you actually benefit from it, is not a problem. On the other hand, sometimes, you have to remove both […]

How Do You Know When All the Mice Are Gone?

mouse roaming around

To dispose of the mice in your house, you should realize that they’d invaded your home in the first place. Of course, it might not be as easy as it seems to be. They’re nocturnal creatures that roam around your house cautiously. So if you don’t actually see one, it might take time before you […]

Narrow, Small Yard Ideas

vertical planting

When it comes to landscaping a small yard, the size is something to be overlooked. Just because you’re dealing with a narrow, tiny outdoor space, doesn’t mean it can’t be transformed into a beautiful, cozy area. Actually, the possibilities are endless. There are many ways to maximize the available space in your small yard, and […]

Benefits of a Tiny Yard

tiny yard design

Sometimes you don’t have a lot of space to work with. But, it doesn’t mean you can’t create a charming place out of your tiny yard. And most importantly, you won’t have to break the bank to keep it well-maintained. A small yard means less upkeep, fewer materials to buy, and less time to invest. […]

Best Pool for Small Yard 2019

above ground plastic pool

If it’s too tiring for you to go to the community pool during the summer heat, why don’t you bring a pool to your backyard and cool down every day for just a couple of hundred bucks? There are many pools on the market, designed for any-sized yards, with a wide range of sizes and […]

Best Backyard Trampoline Reviews 2019

trampoline on lawn

Kids probably won’t agree that the money can’t buy happiness. Get them a trampoline and you’ll see a smile on their faces for sure. Once you’re here, you’re probably wondering what is the best trampoline to buy. Well, there isn’t a straightforward answer to that for many reasons. There are plenty of them on the […]

Best Bug Zappers Reviews | Top 12 Bug Zappers in 2019

handheld bug zapper black flag

However hard you might be trying to seal the entry points all-around your house, the bugs always find their way in. And, of course, they’re doing their best to interrupt your good night’s sleep. That’s why you need a bad ass bug killer to keep them at bay. So, if you still haven’t equipped a […]

Best Indoor Mosquito Traps 2019 Reviews

indoor mosquito trap reviews

Finding the best indoor mosquito traps is easier said than done, but only because there are tons of them. They come in different shapes and sizes, different designs, and all of them are advertised with a range of added special features. The first thing to note, you need a solution for mosquitoes, not just an […]

Best Electric Fly Swatters Reviews 2019

Best fly swatter

Flying insects which invade your home can become a serious problem if left untreated. Apart from being a nuisance, they spread many diseases, can damage your clothes, or contaminate your food. If you are an entomologist, you might be happy about having them in your house. Otherwise, the rest of us can all agree on […]