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How to Sterilize Pots Without Bleach?

sterilize pots without bleach

Once the warmer weather is around the corner, you’re probably considering reusing the old pots in the new gardening season. But, debris has probably accumulated inside the pots, and therefore you should sterilize them before potting a plant in there. Proper sterilization doesn’t take much effort, yet it’s essential for the success of the potted […]

What Do Robins Eat in Winter?

what foods robins eat during winter

It’s surely a pleasant sight to see tiny robins hopping in your garden. They’re the most common birds that’ll hang in your backyard, even when the cold weather is around the corner. Is there something more cheerful than the birds’ song in the grey winter mornings? However, there are a few things you could do […]

Mold in Compost: How Big of a Problem Is It?

moldy tomatoes

If you’re new to composting, you may find it surprising to see those multicellular filaments spreading all over your compost pile. It’s certainly not a pretty sight. But, seeing that this cotton-like texture is actually microorganisms that digest organic waste, it’s a part of the decomposition process. That cotton-like texture is mold in your compost. […]

How to Clean Up After Stump Grinding?

how to clean up after stump grindings

You’ve finally got rid of the tree stumps, and now you’re wondering what to do with all that grindings that have piled up in your yard. First and foremost, you should decide whether you want to discard them in the garbage or reuse them for your gardening purposes. Either way, there’s a number of options […]

How Many Sprinkler Heads Can Be on One Zone?

how many sprinkler heads per zone

To answer how many sprinkler heads you can use per zone, you need to know in the first place how much water is available for irrigation. By measuring the water pressure and maximum flow rate, you’ll know the amount of water each zone is able to handle for optimum output. In this article, you’ll learn […]

Does Potting Soil Go Bad?

does potting soil go bad

So the plant flourishes, it should be provided with all the necessary nutrients for growth. When it comes to container-grown plants, proper potting soil plays a key role in their survival. But, does it have to be fresh? Ever happened to you to leave a container filled with a potting mix from the last season? […]

How Early is TOO Early to Mow?

how early is too early to mow

Regardless of whether you’re a morning person or not, the mowing noises from the yard next door aren’t the most pleasant thing to hear early in the morning. This is especially not pleasant during the weekend. But it goes both ways, no? You don’t want to be an inconsiderate neighbor as well. So, if you […]

How to Find My Lot Size? – 9 Easy Ways

how to find your lot size

The lot size is the dimension of a property, and most of the time when someone wants to figure out the lot size, they either want to know whether there are possibilities for expansion in the future. People who want to sell or buy property will also want to know the lot size of their […]

Can You Grow Cotton in Your Backyard?

Growing cotton in your backyard won’t be as simple as it’s with the rest of the plants. Firstly, because it’s not legal in all states. So, if you’re living in a state where that’s the case, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is: ‘Can I grow cotton in my backyard?’ Well, you’ll […]

How to Remove a Rose Bush?

how to remove a rose bush

The rose, i.e. the Queen of Flowers, is cultivated mostly because of its beauty. But this ornamental crop is only beautiful until you try to remove the rose bush, no? Regardless of the reason, whether it’s diseased, or the flowers have stopped thriving, getting rid of the strong anchor roots might seem quite a challenge. […]