9 Ways to Use a Small Urban Backyard

For city dwellers, the outdoor space can be limited. However, once you have a backyard, it doesn’t have to be that large to have a blast. Even if it’s a small urban yard, there are many ways and backyard activities that will provide you, your family, and friends with hours of fun. If you don’t have any idea, check the following ways of how to use a small urban backyard.

  1. Playground

Although your yard is tiny, there’s a wide variety of playsets that will fit in the outdoors space and will provide you with hours of fun.

small swingset with trampoline

Every kid likes to soar into the sky on a swing or to practice climbing on a rock-climbing wall. Why not put a swing set in your backyard so you won’t have to struggle anymore to get the little ones to leave the house.

Also, you can bring some bouncing fun to your backyard by putting a trampoline there. Not all of them are made only for large yards.

  1. Swimming Pool in a Small Urban Yard

There are just a few ways to cool down during the summer heat while at home, and putting a swimming pool in your backyard is one of them.

small yard pool

The fact that your backyard space isn’t that large should be nothing to worry about. As you already know, there is a number of pools for small yards on the market to choose from that will perfectly fit the space available. So, enjoy your summer drinking Piña Colada or beer while chilling in the swimming pool.

  1. BBQ

Well, this will probably make your small backyard become the new favorite place for your friends to hang out. Once the summertime is here, the grilling season comes with it, too.

bbq in backyard

Why not bring the family and friends together over some great food and cold beverages to chill until the dead of night. There’s nothing tastier than the food cooked over the flame. You can continue the backyard barbecue tradition without breaking the bank, while you won’t have to sacrifice flavor. Fire it up!

  1. Parties

Regardless of the occasion, whether a birthday or Halloween, a day or a night party, there are many reasons to host small gatherings in your backyard.

backyard bar

Firstly, you won’t have to spend that much money in fancy restaurants or to rent a place. Secondly, you won’t have to remove stains from your furniture when a drink is spilled all over it. You won’t even have to cook. A catering service will spare you from hours of cooking for your guests. Lastly, even when you get wasted, you won’t have to worry about how you’ll get home.

  1. Make a Children’s Bean Teepee

Isn’t your kid used to spending lots of time outside? A DIY children’s bean teepee will keep the little ones busy for hours.

bean teepee

Let the kids get their hands dirty by seeding in the garden and enjoy this planting project at the same time. They will have a blast making this natural playhouse, which will provide them with a summer fun later on.

It takes little time to build the bean teepee, however, it’ll take a couple of months for the plants to grow. Nonetheless, you won’t have to pay the earth to create a cool shade, as well as a hiding spot for the kids during the summer heat.

  1. Life-Size Chess

You’ve already seen it in Harry Potter, but a huge chessboard with giant pieces in a backyard isn’t something you see every day.

life size chess

Well, in a small yard, such big pieces probably won’t fit, but there is a range of sizes on the market to choose from. Now you have a chance to make your outdoor space a unique place where the passers-by will stop to take a closer look at it.

Also, it’s an ideal way to introduce the game to the kids. Not only will they have fun, but also they’ll improve their thinking skills and enhance their mental prowess.

  1. Outdoor Meditation Space

No time for vacation? Always in a rush? Overwhelmed by responsibilities, and on top of that, the monkey mind never stops? Well, even if it’s a small urban yard, it can become your personal retreat.

Just find a quiet spot and forget about all of that. Take a pause, a few deep breaths, and find tranquility in the present moment. Get yourself in touch with nature. Enjoy the scents of your garden, the grass on your feet, the fresh breeze of air in your face, the chirping of the birds. Combine meditation with nature, and bring your mind and body back into balance.

  1. Exercise and Yoga Space

If your schedule is turned upside down and you don’t have much time to start a yoga class or sign up for a gym membership, we’ll offer you an easy solution to get back on track. You won’t have to walk miles anymore to get there, it’s right in front of you.

yoga and meditation on patio

That is to say, your backyard is an ideal place to do some exercises that will boost your stamina and tune up your body, or yoga, to build strength, balance, and harmony in both the mind and body. Find a workout and diet plan that works for you, and whenever you have time, spend a few minutes to invest in yourself.

  1. Grow Veggies and Fruits

Once you have a backyard, starting your own vegetable and fruit garden is an idea to consider. Your small urban yard can be an ideal place to fill your plate with high-quality foods nurtured by your own efforts.

square foot garden

Growing your own food isn’t rocket science. It doesn’t take much time and effort, and anyone can learn to do it very easily. Unlike the store-bought foods whose quality is questionable, the ones you grow on your own will bring you health benefits for sure. First of all, you’ll consume more fresh fruits and vegetables. Additionally, it’s your choice what kind of fertilizers and pesticides will come into contact with them. And finally, you’ll be surprised how much fun you’re going to have.

Martha M.

Martha M.

I'm passionate about small DIY projects and my modest garden. I'm always up for a challenge! Soon after getting out of university, I realized I won't find many if I don't set the ground myself. Soon after, TopYardDesign.com was created.

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