How to Find My Lot Size? – 9 Easy Ways

The lot size is the dimension of a property, and most of the time when someone wants to figure out the lot size, they either want to know whether there are possibilities for expansion in the future. People who want to sell or buy property will also want to know the lot size of their property.

Therefore, when you conduct a valuation of a piece of land, you will be provided with its actual square footage, its size and the dimensions of the land that it is built on.

Determining your lot size is not rocket science and simple mathematical calculations will give you the correct approximations. What’s more, there are so many online tools that can be used to determine your lot size some of which are discussed below.

architect drawing plan

GPS Field Area Measure Application

It is an application that you can download from Google Play for free, it will easily measure distance and perimeter of plots and buildings. You can also use the app to group and edit the measurements and then track them via the GPS. Other unique and significant features incorporated in the application are a smart marker mode to help you achieve accurate pin placement.

There is the distance marking, you can access the undo button, which will erase all the actions, there is also the GPS tracking for when you are walking, or driving around defined boundaries. Even more interesting is that it lets you send a link to your partners or friends of the selected area route or direction. In short, is that it displays the area that you want to share.

SOD Solutions

SOD Solutions is an online application used to calculate square footage, using it is very simple as you will first use the address search option to identify your plot of land, you will thus left-click on the provided map, and the area will be highlighted. The area and perimeter will then be calculated and presented to you.

You can then manipulate the overlays; other features that you will be able to access are the reset map option, and here you can create a predefined shape, you can also export or import a map to or from a file, or share the map with your friends and partners.

Measure Map Application

The application enables people to measure, perimeters, multiple distances, and areas with precision. It is applicable in both small and large areas, and you can then share your results using any sharing application on the device you are using. The surface of floors, buildings, plots, or forest areas that need fencing can be calculated with your absence in the area and can also be used to take physical measurements.

Remember, all this process can be done from your tablet or Smartphone.

measure map application

Go iLawn

With this application all you need to do is enter the latitude and longitude coordinates, which will be used to locate your property. The application will then present you with an image of your property, and you can then proceed to measure any outdoor surface, which is on the property.

Using the Go iLawn will cost you money as you have to pay for a subscription and have an available search credit. Upon purchasing a package, a user will be able to store their projects in the cloud-based system, and they can also access the online tools and the updated services to enhance their experience. Let us dig deeper into what you stand to benefit from paying for the premium package.

First images will be presented to you from multi-angles, and they also come in high aerial resolution and satellite imagery. And for the correct calculations of dimensions, you will be provided with a full toll set that will group, count measure and calculate material amounts of any size property. What’s more, is that you will be able to create clear property diagrams for your relevant audience.

The cheapest premium package goes for $300 within one year, then there is the Team package that can support up to two users, which goes for $480 per year and comes recommended for either medium or small companies. Lastly, we have the Growth package, and this has been specially created for large companies that have more than one branch and want to scale up. The package goes for $960 and can accommodate up to 5 users.

Users also have the option of paying for extra searches; for example, you could get up to 200 searches for only $700.

Draft Logic

The Draft Logic is an easy to use the application when you want to find the size of your lot. Draft Logic uses the Google map area calculator; you will, therefore, draw on the map and find the size of the area that you have enclosed. And if you need the information for later you can simply save it in your account that you can create for free.

Using the Draft Logic is pretty easy, so once you are in the interface, you will click on several parts of the map, to define the area from where you want information and the calculated area will be presented.


Area Converter

The area converter application will help you convert between square centimeters, imperial area units and between acres without taking up much of your time. The interface is intuitive and you will just input an area, and indicate what you want it to be converted from and to in terms of acres, then you will be presented with the results.

google area converter

Lot Area Calculator

The digital application is available on Google play and will provide you with information on lot area or the size measurement. You will also get the lot perimeter measurement; the application does not only work in the US but also in other locations around the world.

What’s more is that the digital application comes recommended for users who want to research parcel valuations, evaluate and measure a site for construction purposes or determine the areas in a farm that need spraying or invoicing.

lot area calculator

GEO Measure Area Calculator App

The application can be accessed easily from Google play, it is free and mostly used by people who want to know the dimensions of the property that they want to purchase. The application calculates GPS area and GPS distance providing only accurate results.

The best part about using this application is that you can put markers to pinpoint the area that you want to calculate or just record the position using the GPS service. Other operations that you will be able to use while using this application are the drag and drop marker features for accurate positioning and you can calculate both area and distance among others.

geo measure area app calculator

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