Benefits of a Tiny Yard

Sometimes you don’t have a lot of space to work with. But, it doesn’t mean you can’t create a charming place out of your tiny yard. And most importantly, you won’t have to break the bank to keep it well-maintained. A small yard means less upkeep, fewer materials to buy, and less time to invest. In other words, there are many advantages you’ll enjoy as a tiny yard owner and thousands of ways to make the most of it. Below, are 8 tiny yard benefits that will surely make you appreciate your small yard way more.

tiny yard design

Less Maintenance

Don’t write off your small outdoor space, just because you still might not realize the potential it has. As we already mentioned, it comes with many benefits. First of all, it takes much fewer resources to keep a tiny yard in good shape. And of course, much less money to spend! All the costs will be reduced to a minimum, while the entire outdoor area will remain in perfect condition.


To mow the lawn, or to spread fertilizers all over it probably isn’t among your favorites things to do. So, when it comes to the time required to do the yard work, a tiny yard beats the large one anytime. That is to say, you won’t have to spend the whole day in the yard since it takes much less time and effort to make your small outdoor space have a million-dollar look.

Less Expenses

Needless to say, with a big backyard, things like maintenance or landscaping will bring higher costs. So, why pay more, when you can still have a beautiful view out of your window for a much lower price.

Small Yards Require Smaller, More Affordable Tools

First of all, you’ll need high-quality tools to keep the yard in good shape. Generally speaking, larger tools come at higher prices. But, luckily for you, when you have a tiny yard, you won’t have to pay the earth to keep it well-maintained. On the one hand, you can do it all by yourself, without hiring a professional. On the other, you’ll need smaller units, which are budget-friendly, to get the job done. For instance, a lawn mower or an aerator is a must, regardless of the size of the lawn. Depending on the design and features, the price varies. But, when it’s a tiny yard you have to take care of, hand-operated tools, which are inexpensive, are the way to go.

tiny yard tools

Lower Utility Expenses

Since it’s a small space you need to maintain, you won’t need electric-powered units that will lead to higher electric bills. Instead, you can keep the yard in perfect condition with manual tools. Moreover, you’ll have a chance to reduce the water bill as well. You won’t have to make a system of sprinklers to cover the small square footage since only one unit would be enough. Even a hose will do the job. In other words, you’ll waste less water to saturate the entire lawn and keep it healthy.

Gardening Products Come in Smaller Batches

When maintaining a yard, whether large or small, it’s important to take care of even the slightest part of it. In order to achieve the desired results, you need to equip the proper tools and materials that will keep the lawn healthy. Of course, all of them bring extra costs, but tiny yards require fewer materials and tools. For instance, you’ll need smaller amounts of fertilizers, the fertilizer spreaders will come with lower prices, and fewer anti-mosquito repellents will be required to keep those tiny creatures at bay.

Easier to Add a Personal Touch

Your yard can reveal more about your personality than you think. But, because of the expenses it brings, it’s very difficult to infuse your tastes in a large yard. On the other hand, the good thing with a tiny lot is that you can express your individuality to the hilt. That is to say, you can put various items that match your personality to make the place more alluring. For instance, enhance the yard and patio by adding decorative string or landscaping lights to the outdoor spaces. Or, combine comfort with the outdoors by adding a hammock. Either way, utilize what’s already there and make the most of it!

string lights and hammock in a tiny yard

Small Yards Rarely Look Empty

The last of the 8 tiny yard benefits is that it doesn’t take much to fill the empty spaces. There are many landscaping options to make your outdoor space cozy and relaxing. Incorporate all of the elements that you want, such as furniture, water features, and plants, in such a way that you’ll make the small area feel more spacious. Also, choose them carefully. Larger elements, like a backyard playset, will take up a lot of space, and your backyard would look overcrowded, which probably isn’t something you wanted to achieve in the first place. Therefore, smaller ones are more appropriate for smaller outdoor spaces.

tiny yard plantings

Even though it’s not Versailles, a tiny yard, with the right landscaping, can look pretty awesome too, can’t it?

Tiny Yard Benefits FAQs

How Do You Make a Small Backyard Look Bigger?

A small yard doesn’t necessarily need to feel small. There are many ways you can make the tiny outdoor space look spacious. Here are a few options to consider prior to decorating it:
• Create levels
• Plant vertically
• Choose the trees carefully (so they don’t occupy much space)
• Put small furniture (foldable, if possible)
• Create a focal point
• Choose smaller elements
• Add a walkway

How Can I Make My Backyard Beautiful on a Low Budget?

You don’t have to spend a small fortune to transform your outdoor space into a place of your dreams. Whether you’re decorating a small or large yard, there’s a wide variety of landscaping ideas on a budget you could give a try.
• Put garden borders, which separate the flower beds from the rest of the yard. Not only they’re a budget-friendly option but look very pleasing as well.
• Add a stepping stone walkway, which doesn’t require many rocks, meaning it’s the least expensive option. Also, it creates an illusion of spaciousness.
• Repaint. Cover the faded colors of the features with some fresh paint. You can add vibrant colors that you don’t usually see in ordinary yards.
• Put gravel on the patio. Don’t pay the earth for concrete or stones, when the gravel is a less expensive option (which still looks awesome btw.)
• Recycle old furniture and useless stuff.

What Should I Put in My Backyard?

A backyard is a place where you’ll spend most of your time with your friends and family during the summertime. That’s why you should transform it into a cozy place and future haven for you all. There are both expensive and budget-friendly landscaping options to improve your outdoor space, regardless of its size.
• Install a pool
• Put a hammock
• Place a playset
• Build a patio
• Plant trees
• Hang string lights
• Put some furniture
• Place a water feature
• Place a grill
• Build a treehouse

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