Best Backyard Hammocks in 2020 Reviews

If you need some guidance when buying a hammock, you’ve come to the right place. Getting the cheapest one might be tempting; however, it might not be the best option for you. When you invest your money in a product, you expect it to last for years. Therefore, so as you don’t compromise quality over price, we’ll help you find the best combination of both in one product. Of course, everything has good and bad sides, so that’s exactly why we’ve delved into each of them separately.

Top 8 Backyard Hammocks

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That being so, in the following reviews, we’ll provide you with the pros and cons of the best backyard hammocks, the main differences between them, and the reasons why you should buy them or not. Then, by the end of the article, we’ve listed the essential things you should consider prior to investing your money in one.

[alert style=”info”]And remember: “Never hang your hammock higher than you are willing to fall.”[/alert]

Hatteras Deluxe Hammock

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Not many hammocks offer durability and softness blended into one place. The Hatteras Deluxe Hammock is among those that do. It’s one of the best, but more expensive hammocks on the market.

Durable and soft DuraCord ropeNo stand included
Zinc Plated Hardware
Weight capacity - 450 lbs
Accommodates 2 people


The hammock bed measures 6 feet 10 inches in length, 60 inches in width, and has the capacity to handle 450 lbs. That being so, it can accommodate 2 people at once. The hammock is made of hand-woven DuraCord rope, which is weather-tough, yet cottony-soft. It’s dense and less prone to stretching, as well as resistant to rot, abrasion, and mold. In other words, the rope will withstand any weather conditions and will last for seasons.

The Hatteras Deluxe Hammock features two thick spreader bars, crafted from cumaru, which is among the densest woods. Moreover, the hardware comes with zinc plated coating, which prevents it from rusting. The hammock is available in several different colors, so you can choose whichever suits your backyard best.

On the other hand, it doesn’t include stand and pillows. So, when looking for an appropriate stand, 15-foot long one will do the job. But, you can hang the hammock between two trees as well.

To sum up, you’ll barely find as soft, comfortable, and durable hammock as the Hatteras Deluxe Hammock is. Although a bit expensive, it’s worth every cent.

Patio Watcher 14-Foot Quick-Dry Hammock

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Whether to fit it into your patio deck or to hang it between trees in your backyard, the Patio Watcher Hammock will provide you with hours of comfort and fun for sure.

Made of vinyl-coated Textilene materialThe stand is sold separately
Maximum weight capacity - 450 lbsRope material could be better quality
Holds 2 average-sized persons


Measuring 77” by 55” and being capable of holding up to 450 lbs, the hammock is large enough to accommodate two average-sized persons. It’s made of soft, vinyl-coated Textilene material, so you get a cotton-like feel when swinging in the breeze. Perfect for all weather conditions, the hammock will remain intact when exposed to the elements as well. At each end, there’s a long wood spreader bar with holes through which the ropes go. Speaking of which, they could’ve been better quality. Seeing that they’re made of cotton, the ropes aren’t strong enough and therefore, might break. Furthermore, the hammock is very easy to maintain. Given that the material dries quickly and is oil-proof, all it takes is to hose it down as needed.

On the other hand, the stand, as well as pillows, will be at your own expense since none comes with the hammock. That being said, the hammock measures 11 feet from loop to loop, so keep this in mind when choosing the stand size.

All in all, the Patio Watcher Hammock is well-made and comfortable, therefore a good value for money.

Vivere Double Cotton Hammock

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If you’ve believed that nothing could ever replace the comfort of your bed, the Vivere Double Cotton Hammock will convince you otherwise.

Made of tightly-woven cottonThe cotton may stretch over time
Weight capacity – 450 lbs.
Stand and carry bag included
Adjustable height


This Brazilian style hammock is made of cotton, which is tightly woven, soft, and sturdy. Moreover, the end strings are made of polyester, because of which they’re far more durable than the traditional cotton ones. It’s 87 inches long, 47 inches wide, and capable of supporting a maximum weight of 450 pounds. In other words, it’s soft but still, tough enough to comfortably hold two grown-ups. Also, the hammock is available in a range of colors.

Unlike the previously reviewed hammocks, the Vivere comes with a 9-foot stand, which is made of heavy-duty steel and doesn’t require any tools to assemble. It takes about 5 minutes to put the pieces together. The hammock also features adjustable hooks to suit your height. It comes with a carry bag for easy storage and portability as well. In other words, it’s versatile, and you can take it along anywhere you go.

A rinse with warm water and a cleanser would be enough to keep the hammock always squeaky clean. Also, to ensure its longevity, never forget it outdoors when the weather turns nasty.

On the other hand, the cotton might stretch over time. However, you can find the same model in two other sorts of texture as well – Sunbrella and polyester, that is. But then again, in terms of comfort, nothing beats the cotton.

All things considered, the Vivere Hammock is one of the best backyard hammocks you’ll find on the market.

Best Choice Products Hanging Curved Chair Swing

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This one isn’t a hammock, but rather a chair swing. However, it does the same job as the former does – that is, sways once you sit there.

Made of quality materialsThe cushions get soaked when it rains
Sturdy and durableSuitable for one person only
UV-resistant canopyLow weight capacity
Water and fade-resistant cushions


With its curved design, measuring 73 inches by 46 inches, the chair will perfectly fit any corner of your home. It comes with a chaise seat, shaded by a UV-resistant, polyester canopy, so you completely enjoy during the hot summer days. The shade canopy is adjustable, which allows you to reposition it as needed, and it’s removable as well. Additionally, it features 2-inch foam cushions, which are wrapped in water and fade-resistant fabric. However, you better not leave it in the rain, or the cushion will be sitting in puddled water and will take hours to dry later. Moreover, there’s a headrest for additional comfort, which can be easily detached. You can find the chair swing in three different colors. Due to the powder coating, the steel frame is capable of resisting corrosion, which will extend its lifespan. But, you can also apply a quality rust-proof spray paint for added protection.

On the other hand, the hanging chair has the capacity to hold 265 pounds, which is considerably lower than those of the previously reviewed hammocks. With that said, it can accommodate only one person at a time. Also, it’s easy to assemble, but still, it’ll take a couple of hours to put the pieces together.

Overall, not only does the Best Choice Products Hanging Curved Chair look stylish, but it’s also good quality and very comfortable.

Sunnydaze Decor Freestanding Hammock

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When looking for a quality hammock, which will perfectly suit your porch, you shouldn’t overlook this Sunnydaze Decor Freestanding Hammock.

Made of weather-resistant solution-dyed acrylic fabricSuitable for one person only
Comes with a stand, pad, and pillowColor fades after a while
1-year warrantyLow weight capacity


The hammock is made of cotton and includes a 12-foot metal stand frame, polyester sleeping pad, and a comfortable cushion. In other words, it comes with everything you need, so you don’t have any extra costs later for tools or accessories. The hammock bed is 76 inches long and 52 inches wide but has the capacity to hold 275 pounds – that is, one person only. Still, it’s very sturdy and well-built. But then again, you might want to check another option, a wider hammock with higher weight capacity, if you want it to fit more than a person.

Furthermore, the hammock pad is made of solution-dyed acrylic fabric with inner poly quilting, which is weather-resistant and hence ensures durability. However, as many report, the color fades after a while, so you better store it inside after every use. Moreover, it comes with two metal hanging chains and O-rings to hang it either on the stand or between trees. The assembly requires no tools as well, so you’ll set it up within a minute, and take it down later as quickly too. Regarding maintenance, the pad and pillow are machine-washable, so you can easily keep the hammock in good condition. It’s also available in 9 different patterns, which allows you to choose the one that fits the landscape best. What’s more, the product is covered by a 1-year warranty.

Despite being a bit pricey, this freestanding hammock by Sunnydaze Decor is worth the money.

Hammock Sky Brazilian Double Hammock

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If you’re not willing to pay the earth for a hammock, we have a solution for that too. The Hammock Sky Brazilian Double Hammock won’t break your bank, yet it’ll provide you with hours of enjoyment. Anyway, it’s not one of the best cheap hammocks in vain.

Made of soft woven cottonDoesn’t include a stand
Capable of holding 475 lbsIsn’t weather-resistant
Child and pet friendly
Lifetime warranty


First of all, it’s top-quality, portable, and very comfortable. Moreover, being lightweight, yet thick, it’s perfect for any environment, whether indoors or outside. Its ability to hold 475 lbs. allows two people at once to relax in the cotton weave. But, it cocoons you in a way other hammocks don’t, therefore, isn’t the best for catching the sun. Still, it’s perfectly safe for kids and pets.

The overall length of the hammock is 144 inches, while the hammock bed is 98 inches long and 59 inches wide. It doesn’t include a stand, though. However, provided that the stand isn’t undersized – that is, less than 9 feet, the hammock will fit on the vast majority of hammock stands. On the other hand, it comes with a carry bag for easy portability and storage.

Keep in mind that the hammock isn’t machine-washable as well. Instead, hand wash it in a bucket of water with a soap solution. Also, to keep it in good condition, make sure to store it indoors after every use. However, it comes with a lifetime warranty in case you encounter any issues with the product.

All things considered, you won’t find any better hammock for the money.

Zupapa Hammock and Stand Set

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Instead of wasting time searching for two trees in close proximity, get a heavy-duty hammock that comes with a stand already and set it up wherever you want to. Speaking of which, this one by Zupapa not only includes everything you need in a hammock but comes at an affordable price as well.

Weight capacity – 550 lbsThe stand might flex
Made of cotton fabric
Sturdy powder-coated steel stand with rubber caps
1-year warranty


The Zupapa Hammock is capable of holding 550 lbs., which, compared to the rest, has the highest weight capacity. The hammock bed is made of thick cotton fabric, whereas the stand of sturdy powder-coated steel. The stand features rubber caps on the ends to protect the floor, as well as 6 holes for adjustment. But, as some report, it might flex at times. Overall, the hammock is 140 inches long, while the hammock bed measures 63 inches in width and 95 inches in length, which is suitable for two persons. Furthermore, the hammock is very easy to assemble, as well as to take down. It’s foldable, hence easy to store in the carry bag and take along anywhere. It’s great for both indoor and outdoor use. Also, it’s machine washable, but you can hand wash it with a mild detergent, too. Lastly, Zupapa offers a 1-year warranty on their fantastic double hammock.

The Zupapa Hammock will be a great addition to the comfort of your patio. Considering its features and the stylish design, it’s worth the money.

Abba Patio Hammock Bed

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When there are no trees in your backyard to hang a hammock, it doesn’t mean you can’t spend some relaxing time there at all. For this reason, we have a good alternative that’ll provide you with hours of comfort as well – that is, the Abba Patio Hammock Bed.

Crafted from Weather-resistant Quick-dry Textilene fabricDoesn’t fold up
500 lb. weight capacityNot that easy to assemble
Comes with 2 attached pillows and 2 wheels for easy portability


The Abba Patio Hammock Bed is constructed from quality materials, which guarantee durability. That is to say, the Quick-dry Textilene fabric is weather-resistant, and hence perfect for outdoors, while the tubular steel stand is powder-coated. Moreover, the canopy, which provides you with shade and protects you from the UV rays at the same time, tilts forward and backward to adjust it as needed. However, the hammock bed neither sways nor moves, but is rather sturdy like a lounger. It features two attached pillows for additional comfort, as well as two wheels for easy portability. Being 6.56 feet long and 6.54 feet wide, as well as capable of holding 500 pounds, the hammock bed will comfortably fit two persons.

Although, putting the pieces together won’t be the easiest thing in the world, therefore might take a couple of hours to do so. Additionally, since the hammock bed doesn’t fold up, you’ll have to take it apart for storage, which isn’t really convenient.

All in all, the Abba Patio Hammock Bed is well worth the price.

How to Choose the Best Hammock for Your Yard

Not just any hammock will fit your needs. Therefore, to make sure you’ll spend your money wisely, check the following factors before you invest in one.


There are two types of hammocks: hanging and freestanding.

  • Hanging Hammock

These are traditional hammocks that hang loosely between two trees. The main difference between these is that some of them come with a spreader bar at each end, which keeps the hammock bed flat, while the others don’t, so they wrap you up like a burrito once you lay in there.


  • Freestanding Hammock

The name speaks for itself; these hammocks come with a stand, so they can be put just anywhere, both indoors and outdoors. The main drawback is that they’re heavier, hence difficult to move.



The material out of which the hammock is made is essential since it determines how long the hammock will last.

  • Fabric

The most used materials for the hammock beds are:

    • Cotton

Nothing compares to the softness and comfort the cotton hammocks bring. It allows for better airflow as well, which reduces the chances of getting too hot when in the hammock. However, it’s more susceptible to molding and fading under the sun.

    • Polyester

Polyester hammocks are not as soft and flexible as the cotton ones but, on the other hand, are more durable. That is to say, they’re more resistant against the weather and can withstand high humidity levels, UV rays, and mold.

    • Sunbrella

It’s a soft fabric that’s resistant to UV, water, and mold. Also, it won’t stain nor fade under the sun.


  • Stand

You’ll find hammocks that come with either wood or metal stand.

    • Wood

Wooden hammock stands are mostly made of durable woods, which are waterproof and UV-resistant woods, such as cedar and bamboo. However, make sure that the material is well-treated to prevent termites and decay.

    • Metal

When it comes to metal stands, most of them are made of steel. But, make sure it’s powder-coated to prevent rust and damage. Also, some of them are more convenient than others. Speaking of which, you’ll come across adjustable stands, as well as those that come with wheels for easy portability.



First, you should determine who’s going to use the hammocks. Is it supposed to accommodate a person or two?

Speaking of which, you’ll come across single and double hammocks. As the name itself implies, the single ones fit one person only. On the other hand, double hammocks provide more comfort and are suitable for two individuals. But, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to hang with someone to get a wider one.

Also, consider the length of the hammock bed. In most cases, they fit 6’5” and under, which covers the vast majority of people. But then again, make sure there’s enough space to fit the hammock as well.


Weight Capacity

Pay attention to the maximum weight the hammock can handle. With that said, single hammocks are capable of holding from 300 to 400 pounds, whereas the weight capacity of the double ones ranges from 400 to 500 pounds. However, go for a hammock that has the capacity to support at least 50 lbs. more than you require to ensure it lasts longer.


⚠️Are hammocks safe for kids?

The most reliable, child-friendly hammocks are nylon or Brazilian. Not only are they solid, but also they don’t have cords, holes, or loops, which will prevent the kids from getting their fingers, arms, or legs stuck in. However, never leave them unsupervised around the hammock.

?How far should a tree be from a hammock?

For hammocks with spreader bars, the minimum distance required to hang the hammock equals the length of the hammock from loop to loop. For instance, if the overall length of the hammock is 12 feet, that’s the minimum hanging distance, too. On the other hand, for hammocks without spreader bars, the hanging distance is flexible. Because they aren’t flat, the minimum hanging distance should be two-thirds of the overall length of the hammock.

?️Can you leave a hammock in the rain?

Not all hammocks are weatherproof. For instance, those made of EllTex can be left outside in the rain and sun without suffering any damage, which doesn’t mean all of them can. Hence, check the properties of the hammock first to make sure you can leave it exposed to the elements.

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