Best Backyard Trampoline Reviews 2020

Kids probably won’t agree that the money can’t buy happiness. Get them a trampoline and you’ll see a smile on their faces for sure. Once you’re here, you’re probably wondering what is the best trampoline to buy. Well, there isn’t a straightforward answer to that for many reasons. There are plenty of them on the market, and quality is only one of the things you need to consider. Hence, in this article, we give you the best backyard trampolines currently available, their features, pros and cons, and what makes them a good buy.

Top 7 Backyard Trampolines

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With that said, before you get your hands on a one, make sure to scroll down and read the following trampoline reviews to find out whether you’ll get the best trampoline for the money. Now, let’s dig deeper.

Best Backyard Trampoline Overall – Zupapa Trampoline


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The name “Zupapa” appears among the best trampoline brands nowadays, so if you’ve made up your mind to invest in one of their products, you’ll never get disappointed. Because of this, we’ve put the Zupapa 14’ Trampoline on the top of our list.

Deep galvanized steel frameTime-consuming assembly
Jumping mat is made of heavy-duty UV-protected polypropylene
TUV certified
Comes with all the equipment needed


When you’re looking for a trampoline, you’re looking for high-quality, durability, sturdiness, and safety. That’s exactly what the Zupapa Trampoline with net offers. The trampoline is available in three sizes, 12’, 14’, and 15’, because of which the weight limit varies. The weight capacity of this 14 ft. trampoline is 330 lbs. What size you should choose depends on the size of your backyard and the kids’ age.


The frame of the trampoline is made of deep galvanized steel, which guarantees sturdiness and durability. Speaking of safety, the trampoline features an enclosure net, to keep the jumpers on the mat, and double-layer safety pads. Moreover, the gap-free mat itself is made of heavy-duty UV-protected polypropylene to resist damage from the sun, as well as to tolerate constant bouncing. It also comes with a rain cover, to protect it from the harsh elements. Even though the safety features speak for themselves, the trampoline is also certified by TUV, meaning it ensures maximum durability and safety.


Furthermore, since the trampoline comes with all the equipment needed, you won’t have any additional costs. The assembly is an easy job because of the instructions the product comes with, and the assembly videos available. However, it’ll take a few hours to set it up.


The kit includes:

  • Trampoline frame and mat
  • Non-slipping ladder
  • Safety enclosure net
  • Outdoor floor mat
  • Rain cover
  • Set of springs
  • 6 wind stakes
  • 2 pairs of knit gloves for safe assembly
  • 2 T-hooks for spring assembly

Overall, the above-mentioned features make the Zupapa trampoline a great investment. Not only will you provide your kids with hours of fun, but also you’ll get value for money, which is why it’s one of the best outdoor trampolines on the market.

Best Backyard Trampoline for Adults – JumpSport AlleyOOP VariableBounce Trampoline


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It’s never too late to revive your inner child. That’s why the AlleyOOP trampoline by JumpSport offers hours of fun, not only to your kids but to you as well. It’s the best trampoline for adults, and there are no ifs, ands, or buts about it!

High weight capacityNo ladder
Heavy-duty steel frame
Sturdy and safe
Easy to assemble
Lifetime warranty


Compared to the rest of the trampolines on our list, the AlleyOOP comes with the highest weight capacity. Overall, it holds even up to 800 lbs., or 250 lbs. per jumper, meaning more people can jump at once. Moreover, the safety features are at their finest. The trampoline comes with an enclosure net and double overlapping doors, which the kids will never forget to close. Additionally, the metal springs are covered by the mat, so the little jumpers don’t have access to them. The entire surface and edges are padded, while the foam is UV and water-resistant. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your child undergoing any injuries. The trampoline is so sturdy and stable, that once you put it on the ground, it won’t ever move or tip over.


On the other hand, the AlleyOOP doesn’t come with a ladder to make climbing easier for the kids. However, the entrance is only 35” off the ground, so only very young kids might find it difficult to get inside by themselves.


There are so many people asking why the AlleyOOP trampoline is more expensive than similar products. It’s simple – because of the higher quality materials, weight capacity, and longer warranty. If you make up your mind to invest in one, you can be sure that you’ll get a trampoline that will last for years.

Best Backyard Trampoline for Kids – Skywalker Mini Trampoline


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Placing the 60″ Round Seaside Adventure Trampoline by Skywalker in your backyard is a great way to provide your little ones with hours of entertainment. What’s more important, it comes with extra safety features to keep the children safe on the bouncing mat.

Gap-free enclosure and springless technologyIt doesn’t come with a ladder, so the high mat height makes it harder for kids to climb on
Tightly woven enclosure net
Sturdy and long-lasting
Easy and fast assembly
Warranty: 3-year on the frame; 1-year on the parts


Firstly, the Skywalker Trampoline with net features a gap-free enclosure on the top and the bottom to ensure the kids don’t slip or bounce off the mat, as well as they don’t go underneath the trampoline. The net is made of polyethylene and is tightly woven so the fingers and toes can’t get caught. Secondly, the traditional springs are replaced with stretch bands to prevent finger pinching. Thirdly, the trampoline features a padded frame, enclosure poles, and a 360-degree handle bar, so the kids keep balance while jumping. The Skywalker trampoline assembly is an easy job. All you need is the screwdriver provided. Two grown-ups will put the pieces together within an hour or two.


The 60″ Round Skywalker trampoline weight limit is 100 lbs. Since this is a mini trampoline, it’s appropriate mostly for toddlers and smaller kids. But, it can hold bigger kids too, provided they fit within the weight restrictions.


[alert style=”info”]Note: It’s recommended only one person to jump at a time.[/alert]


The only disadvantage of the trampoline is that the entrance is quite high, which makes it difficult for kids to climb on.


All in all, the 60” Skywalker Trampoline is worth every penny. Its quality and safety features make it one of the best trampolines for kids.

Best Backyard Trampoline for Toddlers – Clevr Kids Trampoline


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When buying a trampoline, the first thing you take into account is the kids’ safety. That’s exactly what the Clevr Kids Trampoline offers.


This trampoline with a net is made of a heavy-duty steel frame and waterproof protective padding filled with thick foam for maximum safety. The high-quality PE net with a strong zipper the trampoline comes with, won’t let kids bounce off the mat. The mat is attached to the frame by galvanized springs. What’s more, the Clevr Kids trampoline is so sturdy and stable, it won’t tip over even on a cement floor. The entrance is approximately 2 ft. from the ground, so the kids can climb in on their own. Also, it’s easy to assemble, and all the tools you need are included in the package. It’d take approximately two hours for two people to set it up. The weight capacity is 100 lbs., which makes the trampoline appropriate for toddlers and smaller kids.

Heavy-duty steel frameCan’t be folded for easy storage
Built with waterproof protective padding for maximum safety
Easy to set up


As some report, the trampoline withstands any weather condition. However, it’s for the best to store it inside during harsh weather, or when you don’t use it for a longer period of time. Unfortunately, it can’t be folded for easy storage, but only disassembled.


If you decide to go for a trampoline by Clevr, which is one of the best trampoline brands, you can be sure that you’ll get quality and value for money. You’ll have the best toddler trampoline in your backyard, which will make your kids happy and entertained for hours.

Best Backyard Trampoline with Enclosure – Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline


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Here’s another Skywalker trampoline, but with a higher weight capacity. The trampoline can hold up to 200 lb.


The Skywalker 15 ft. trampoline is made with safety as the very first consideration. You can be sure that you’re purchasing one of the safest trampolines for your kids to have fun on. The trampoline comes with a gap-free tightly woven netting which makes it impossible for the fingers and toes to get caught, as well as with a dual zipper and latch clip for maximum safety. Moreover, the upright poles are padded, but the padding is fairly thin. However, it’ll prevent any potential injuries. You can be sure that your kid won’t bounce off the mat once it gets inside.

Tightly woven gap-free enclosure net with a dual zipper and latch clipNo ladder included
Features a basketball hoop / A foam basketball included
Sturdy and durable
Warranty: 3-year on the frame; 1-year on the parts


On the other hand, since the trampoline doesn’t come with a ladder, kids might have difficulties climbing in on their own. But, you’re here to lend a hand. Furthermore, it features a basketball hoop so the kids improve their basketball skills at the same time. A foam basketball is included in the package.


The trampoline is sturdy and built to last long. However, only proper maintenance will keep it in its original shape. During harsh weather, apart from the frame, it’s recommended to put the Skywalker trampoline parts inside.


If the Skywalker 15 ft. trampoline fits your budget and the shape and size of your backyard, don’t hesitate to get one. Not only your kids, but you as well can have bouncing fun for hours. It’s one of the best trampolines with enclosure you’ll come across on the market.

Best Cheap Backyard Trampoline – Giantex Trampoline


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Even though the 10 ft. trampoline by Giantex comes at a lower price, it comes with great features and quality as well. The trampoline is available in different sizes, from 8 to 16 feet, in different price ranges, so you can choose the one that will fit your needs best.

High weight capacityNo warranty
U-shaped legs design that add on stability
Gap-free design
Sturdy rust-resistant steel frame


The Giantex 10 ft. Trampoline is built with safety in mind. Its quality shouldn’t be questioned because of the low price. First and most importantly is that the trampoline comes with a UV-resistant gap-free enclosure net and foam sleeves, which ensure that the jumper stays on the mat and doesn’t undergo any injuries. The sturdy steel frame and U-shaped legs will keep the unit stable and secure on the ground. But, make sure you always place it on a flat surface. Additionally, it features a steel ladder, so the kids don’t ask for your help to get inside. And finally, the trampoline can hold up to 300 lbs, meaning even adults can have fun on the bouncing mat.


On the other hand, so as the trampoline lasts for years, you should maintain it properly. Don’t leave it outside during harsh weather, or when you don’t use it for a longer period of time.


To all appearances, the Gianex trampoline is nothing less than the rest on our list. Who said that you have to pay the earth to get quality? It’s definitely the best cheap trampoline on the market.

Best Mini Trampoline – Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline


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Why pay expensive gym memberships, when you can pay only once to bring the gym to your home and get a free workout? The Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline offers you a chance to boost your stamina and build muscle endurance without spending a small fortune. This is the best exercise trampoline you’ll find, which will help you keep your body in good shape.

Durable steel constructionSmall size
Safe and stable
Folds for easy storage


First things first, the Stamina Mini Trampoline is designed for any person, as long as they can keep balance. It doesn’t come with an enclosure net that will protect kids from bouncing off the jumping mat or handle bar to keep balance while jumping. However, it’s perfectly safe for anyone who can bounce there on their own.


The trampoline holds up to 250 lbs., and the six detachable rubber-tipped legs keep the unit stable on the ground. Also, you can be sure that it won’t damage or scratch your floor. Regarding safety, the rugged jump surface is surrounded with padded safety skirt, while instead of metal springs, there are tension resistance bands that connect the mat to the frame. Being lightweight, you can carry the trampoline wherever you need to. Even though it doesn’t take much space when assembled, it can be folded for easy storage, too.


Therefore, if you want to stick to your workout routine, but you are tired of walking miles to get to the gym, the Stamina Folding Trampoline is the way to go.

Types of Trampolines


  • Round – Rectangular Trampolines

Round trampolines are probably the most common type of trampolines you’ll find in people’s backyards. They come with different weight capacities and sizes, up to 18 ft., so you can find the perfect fit that will accommodate the size of your yard. Also, you can place them both indoors and outdoors, depending on the space available.


While you jump on the round trampoline, it guides you back to the center, which means the chances to bounce off the mat are reduced to a minimum. The bounce is highest in the middle. As you jump closer to edges, it becomes smaller. However, all of the round trampolines can be fitted with net enclosures, which will keep the kids on the jumping mat and prevent them from falling on the floor. You can find them in different price ranges, from expensive high-end models to more affordable ones.


On the other hand, the rectangular trampolines are more space-consuming, therefore they aren’t suitable for smaller backyards. Additionally, unlike the round trampolines, the rectangular ones don’t control the bounce, which, btw, is higher. No matter where you jump on the surface, the bounce will have the same height and power. So it doesn’t come to any safety issues, it’s recommended to jump only persons who can keep their balance well. But, you can always put an enclosure net for additional safety. However, the rectangular trampolines are rather preferred by professionals.


  • Exercise – Fun Trampolines

Exercise, or mini trampolines, are the best alternative to the gyms. You won’t have to pay a pretty penny to get one, yet you’ll keep your body in perfect shape. Moreover, these exercise trampolines don’t take much space, so you can keep your daily workout routine on track pretty much everywhere. Because of their size, the bounce isn’t much high. Also, since they don’t come with an enclosure net, they’re designed mostly for adults.


However, there are mini trampolines that are made to provide kids with fun and are made with extra safety in mind. They come with a handle bar, which helps the jumpers keep the balance while jumping, while the metal springs are padded to prevent finger pinching. The bigger mini trampolines feature a safety net as well. The size and weight capacity vary, and the bounce height depends on the size. The larger the trampoline, the higher the bounce.


  • In-Ground – Regular Trampolines

The in-ground trampolines are sunken into the ground (hence, the name.)  First of all, they don’t take as much space as regular ones. They’re at the minimal height from the ground, so if you don’t want to ruin the yard landscape, don’t hesitate to get one. The fact that they’re at a ground level makes them extremely safe for the kids. No enclosure net is needed since there is no chance for the kids to land on the ground, which isn’t the case with the above-ground trampolines. Furthermore, they’re easy to access, so the kids won’t need any ladder, nor your help to get to the bouncing mat.


Speaking of maintenance, the parts of the in-ground trampolines aren’t exposed, so they require less maintenance than the regular ones. But, when it comes to the bounce height, the regular above-ground trampolines are far bouncier. Since there isn’t much space in the ground for the air to pass through the mat, when you jump on an in-ground trampoline, you might feel like you’re jumping on a hard surface. Also, make sure you’ve chosen the right spot to bury it in the ground. The in-ground trampolines are hard to move. You don’t want to dig and make holes afterwards to change its place. In this case, the above-ground trampolines win.


Popular Size

The trampolines come in different shapes and sizes. When it comes to shape, as we already mentioned, the most common ones are the round trampolines. But, what about the size? The most popular are the following dimensions:

  • 7 Foot Round Trampoline – Perfect for smaller backyards; portable, and easy to assemble.
  • 10-12 Foot Round Trampoline – For small to medium-sized backyards.
  • 15 Foot Round Trampoline – Suitable for big backyard areas; it holds more than one jumper at a time.
  • 10 X 17 Rectangular Trampoline (Olympic size) – For older users, so they have a greater bounce; suitable for big backyards only.

Best Trampoline Brands

Once you make an investment in a trampoline, you expect to get a product that will last for years. Therefore, it’s extremely important to choose a trampoline that comes from a trusted brand. Because of this, make sure to check our list of the best trampoline brands that offer high-quality products below.


  • Skywalker

Skywalker, found in 2004, comes as one of the most recognized trampoline brands for more than a decade now. It’s best known for its main priority, which is safety. In other words, each of the Skywalker trampolines is made with safety in mind, because of which they meet or exceed the standards of ASTM/TUV. Moreover, they guarantee durability and high-quality, thereby gaining worldwide popularity.


The Skywalker trampolines come in all shapes and sizes, from round to rectangular, from 8 ft. to 15 ft., and in different price ranges. Thus, when looking for a high-quality trampoline that will last for years, Skywalker isn’t something to be overlooked.


  • Zupapa

Just like Skywalker, the German trampoline brand Zupapa appears among the best trampoline brands today. Needless to say, Zupapa makes the trampolines perfectly safe for kids. Each of their trampolines is certified by TUV, a German company that inspects the safety of products.


You’ll come across different trampoline designs and sizes, with a wide range of prices, so you can choose which one will fit your needs best. Mostly, Zupapa trampolines come with accessories, such as rain cover, ladder, a T-hook tool, because of which people rave about the brand. Also, the quality of the trampolines is unquestionable, since they feature sturdy rust-proof steel frames and UV-resistant covers. In other words, you’ll get a product that is made to last.


  • Clevr

When it comes to the production of high-quality trampolines, the relatively new trampoline brand Clevr is nothing less than the previously mentioned ones. Clevr prioritizes safety and quality, meaning the trampolines are made of high-grade materials and come with safety features. Therefore, the manufacturer makes it easy for parents to keep kids safe from harm.


All of the trampolines have different sizes, models, weight capacities and accessories, so you have an extensive list to choose from.


  • Vuly

Vuly trampoline brand, found in 2008, beginning from Australia and New Zeland, has spread across the whole world now. They’re one of the best trampoline brands today, for the reason that they make top-notch trampolines with high-quality materials.


First of all, the manufacturer hasn’t saved on the safety features, since each of the trampolines will keep the kids out of harm’s way. Furthermore, regardless of the model, they’re made of quality materials that guarantee durability. You’ll find Vuly trampolines in different sizes and prices, from small to large, from expensive, to affordable for pretty much everyone.

How Do You Pick the Best Trampoline?

When you come across so many different trampolines on the market, choosing the right one will be a challenging task for sure. There are many factors you should pay attention to, so you make sure that you’ll spend your money wisely. To make things easier for you, we’ve put all of them in one place. Check them below.


  • Quality

So the trampoline lasts over the years, it’s essential to be constructed from high-quality materials. In other words, the frame is mostly made of rust-proof galvanized steel that protects the tubing from damage when exposed to the elements and keeps the trampoline sturdy, while the jumping mat of UV-resistant polypropylene, which is the safest material. The springs, which give the trampoline its bounce, are made of strong galvanized wires, while the safety pads, which go over the frame and springs, are made of foam. However, make sure you winterize the trampoline during snowy and stormy weather when kids aren’t playing outside.


Therefore, the quality of the materials the trampoline is constructed from reflects on the price tag. On the one hand, there are high-end units, which combine great bouncing dynamics with heavily padded tubing and edges. On the other, you’ll come across budget-friendly trampolines that are made of cheaper materials which will probably need replacement after a shorter period of time.


  • Safety

Safety is probably the first thing that comes to your mind when choosing a trampoline. In order to prevent the kids from injuring themselves, you must take a closer look at the safety features, regardless of the type and the size of the trampoline.


As we mentioned earlier, trampolines designed for kids usually come with enclosure nets with a zipper to ensure that the kids won’t land on the ground. Furthermore, the upright poles and metal springs, if there are ones, are padded to prevent the kids from undergoing injuries or pitching the fingers. The frames are made of steel to prevent even the slightest movement of the unit while the jumpers are bouncing inside. So, if the trampoline that caught your eye comes with all of the above-mentioned features, the kids’ safety should be nothing to concern about.


  • Backyard Space

What size trampoline you’ll choose depends only on the size of your backyard. There is a wide range of trampoline sizes, from small ones, which you can place both inside and outside, to large ones that will fit only large backyard areas. So, before spending your money on one, make sure you had previously determined the available space in your backyard.


  • Purpose

The trampolines offer hours of fun, and the kids aren’t the only ones who want to be entertained. Because of this, there is a number of trampoline models designed specifically for kids, for adults, or for both.


The trampolines made for children come with extra safety features, with a smaller size, thus with a lower weight capacity. On the other hand, there are mini trampolines made only for adults, or for people capable to keep the balance. They don’t come with as many safety features as the ones designed for kids and are meant mostly for exercising. And finally, there are large trampolines with a higher weight capacity that can handle both kids and grown-ups at the same time. They don’t necessarily come with enclosure nets, however, you can always place one. Ergo, before buying one, make sure about who’s intended to spend hours on the jumping mat.


  • Access to Instructions and Spare Parts

Once you purchase a trampoline, it comes fully equipped, with all the tools required for assembly and instructions.


Generally, the trampolines are made to last for years. However, only proper maintenance will keep them in good condition. Regardless of the place you live in, when the weather turns nasty, you must protect the trampoline so it doesn’t undergo damage. If it’s lightweight and small, placing it inside will do the job. Otherwise, large trampolines, which are usually unfoldable, should be disassembled. However, not all the parts should be put aside, since their frames are made of rust-proof materials to withstand the elements. If disassembling is not an option, you can get a cover to keep debris off the trampoline.

On the other hand, if some part of the trampoline, like spring or bouncing mat, goes kaput, there are spare parts in the market to replace it.

Backyard Trampoline FAQs

?What is the Best Trampoline?

There’s a wide variety of trampolines on the market with different sizes and designs. A good trampoline should be made of high-quality materials, to have high weight capacity, longer warranty, and most importantly, extra safety features. So, when you’re in quest of the best trampoline for you, here are some options: 
• Zupapa Trampoline
• JumpSport AlleyOOP VariableBounce Trampoline
• Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline
• Clevr Kids Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net & Spring Pad
• Skywalker Mini Trampoline

?What is the best brand of Trampolines?

Since there are several brands of trampoline which offer high-quality and durable products, we can’t classify only one as the best trampoline brand. Instead, here are our top picks of the best and safest trampoline brands: 
• Skywalker
• Zupapa
• Vuly
• Clevr

?What Size of Trampoline should I buy?

The size of the trampoline you should buy depends on the space available in your backyard. For smaller backyard areas, 7-10 ft. trampolines are the most suitable. On the other hand, 10-12 ft. trampolines will fit medium-sized backyards best. If you have a large backyard, look for trampolines that are 14 ft. in diameter or above.

❄️What do you do with a Trampoline in the winter?

To keep the trampoline in good condition, you should protect it from the harsh weather. Or some of its parts at least. The trampolines are built to withstand the elements, thus the steel frame is rust-proof. However, the spare parts should be either put aside or covered so they’re protected from debris.

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