Best Ant Killers of 2020 – Reviews and Buyers Guide

If you see a couple of ants one day in your kitchen, don’t wait to see a bunch of them the next day. To deal with an ant infestation, you’ll need an effective ant killer. You don’t want to split the colony and make things worse.

The first thing you should do when looking for one is to identify what type of ants have invaded your home. And there are many. Before jumping the gun with buying any product you think will have your problem solved, you should know exactly what to look for.

This way, you get not only the most effective but long-lasting results as well. By the time you get things under control, you don’t want to have spent a small fortune. That’s why we’ll help you turn from beginner to pro when choosing the most effective ant killer to deal with the annoying invaders in your home and yard.

Top 6 Ant Killers Available

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With so many different types of ant killers available, choosing the right one might be as hard as dealing with the problem itself. In this buying guide, you’ll find the best ant killer reviews in one place. We’ve covered the best ant killers you’ll currently find on the market, their pros and cons, and what makes them a good buy. You can check out the full list above this paragraph.

Best Ant Killer – TERRO T200 – Liquid Ant Killer Review

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When you’re looking for an effective way to get rid of the ants, with TERRO T200 Liquid ant killer you’ll find one. It’s not among the highest-rated ant killers in vain.

Kills the entire colonyNot safe to use around kids and pets
EPA approvedTwo weeks for full effect
Easy to apply
Effective with different ant types
For indoors and outdoors

The TERRO ant killer is so simple to use. Just follow these steps to set it up properly.

  1. Tear the cardboard tiles
  2. Apply a few drops on the smooth surface of the tile, until they make a small paddle
  3. Place the tile where you’ve noticed signs of ant activity (on the entry points around the house as well)
  4. Throw away the tiles when done

[alert style=”info”]Note: Make sure there’s always a fresh supply for the pests. Remove other food sources as well, so the ants are attracted only to the bait.[/alert]

The ants work in colonies. So, there might be an ant invasion around the bait once you place it since they will be attracted to the sweet liquid. But that’s the point, isn’t it?

The poison in disguise lures them to consume it, and then the ants survive long enough to bring the dose back to their nest and deliver it to the rest of the colony. Once they feast on, the borax kills them slowly. So, not only the ants you see will be gone, but the ones that don’t come out as well. However, it may take up to two weeks for maximum efficiency.

The TERRO will not solve your problem the second you apply it. But, for the price you’ll pay, and the results you’ll get in a short while, it’s the best ant killer for home you’ll find on the market.

[alert style=”danger”]Warning: The liquid contains borax, which is a toxic substance. Make sure to keep it away from children and pets.[/alert]

Outdoor Ant Killer – Raid Roach & Ant Aerosol Spray Review

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When you’re dealing with an ant infestation in your backyard, Raid Roach & Ant Aerosol Spray will save your hide. The ant killer spray is so effective, it kills these crawling pests on contact. Just apply the spray wherever you see them, to ant trails, to their hiding places, or entry points in your house, and the pests will meet their end. The spray works this effective with roaches as well.

Kills on contactToxic
Kills different types of antsNot effective as a repellent
Easy to use
No lingering chemical odor
Features wand for two spraying options

The bottle features a wand which offers you two spraying options. For tight areas, such as cracks, snap the rod up. Otherwise, with the wand down, the spray covers larger areas. Moreover, this ants spray doesn’t leave chemical odor after spraying. However, beware of coming directly into contact with it. Since Raid isn’t a non-toxic ant spray, it can negatively affect your health. Also, keep the bottle out of reach of children. The ant spray is safe only if it’s used as directed.

On the other hand, the Raid outdoor ant spray isn’t a long-term solution. It does kill the ants the moment you spray them, but the effect doesn’t last up to 6 months after you apply it on the surface, as it’s claimed to do. As people report, the pests can come back in a short time.

The Raid products come to attack, control, or prevent your pest problem. So, for long-lasting results, use the spray along with another Raid anti-ant product, such as the Raid ant gel reviewed below.

However, when you are looking for the best outdoor ant killer spray on the market, you’ll come across Raid anti-ant spray for sure. Taking into consideration its price and immediate effects it guarantees, this product is the way to go.

Fire Ant Killer – Ortho Fire Ant Killer Review

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If the fire ants are heating your yard, you’ll need a proper tool to cool it down. That’s when Ortho swings into action.

Kills the queen and destroys the moundFor outdoors use only
No need for watering inToxic
Works with all types of ants as wellBad smell

Ortho is the best fire ant killer to help you get rid of these annoying critters quickly and efficiently. It uses Acephate as its active ingredient which kills the fire ants in just a few hours. The powder comes in 12 oz. bottle with a built-in seal opener.

All you have to do is to sprinkle the mound in 4 ft. diameter, the fire ants will do the rest.

The fire ant workers will be lured immediately by the bait. Then, of course, they’ll bring it to their queen to feast itself. As soon as it has its ‘last supper’, it dies. No queen, no colony, no mound! Moreover, the Ortho fire ant killer doesn’t require watering in, which makes the whole process a lot easier.

The fire ants are known for their ability to inflict painful bites (the name speaks for itself!), especially when their nests are disturbed. So, to avoid separating the colony and spread the pests all over your lawn, make sure to apply the dry powder when the fire ants are active, usually when the temperature is between 65-90 degrees F. That’s when you’ll get the best results.

The disadvantage of the Ortho Orthene fire ant killer? It stinks! But, at least, you’ll walk around your yard without being stung ever again.

Ortho is the best fire ant killer you’ll find on the market. It’s not just an empty promise; there actually will be long-lasting effects. You’ll get good quality and value for the money you’ve spent.

[alert style=”info”]Note: The ant killer is safe, only if it’s used as directed on the label.[/alert]

Ant Killer Spray (Indoor and Outdoor) – Raid, Fragrance Free Review

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Raid Ant & Roach killing spray is the second one, out of the three Raid products on our list, and it’s among the best ant sprays available on the market. It doesn’t only work with ants and roaches, but also with many other types of crawling insects, such as silverfish, crickets, waterbugs, or spiders. If you’re having a problem with flying insects, you might want to check out our electric swatter reviews.

Kills on contactContains hazardous materials
Doesn't leave chemical odor afterwardsNot effective as a repellent
Works with different types of crawling bugs
Fragrance free

Raid kills the bugs on contact. To get rid of the ants, apply the spray to ant trails, around windows, doors, and all the points where they can enter, like voids and cracks. You can use the ant killer spray wherever you need to, both indoors and outdoors. Moreover, after spraying, there isn’t a lingering chemical odor that you’d be exposed to. It’s fragrance free, so the spray won’t kill you with a bad smell.

On the other hand, Raid spray for ants promises to kill the bugs even up to 4 weeks after spraying. It’s scarcely credible since they keep coming back in a short while. It’s not effective as ant repellent spray as well, but it’ll do a great job when sprayed directly on the bug.

Furthermore, make sure to avoid direct contact with the ant killer. Raid isn’t a non-toxic ant spray, but it contains hazardous materials harmful to your health. Follow the instructions when using it, so the ant spray is safe for pets and children.

With the Raid anti-ant spray you’ll get 100% effectiveness the moment you use it. However, it’s recommended to be used along with other Raid products for better long-term results.

Best Ant Killer Gels

Unlike the ant sprays, which kill on contact only the ants you see and spray, the ant gels work as a bait in the first place. Even then, as killers.

If these pesky critters persist in your home and backyard, a good-quality ant killer gel is always a good option to get shot of them. It’s both sweet and deadly to the ants. It attracts them with its sugary substances and carb overload, just to destroy the entire colony that consumes it.

If you have decided to go with an ant gel to eliminate your ant problem, we give you our top picks.

Best Indoor Ant Gel – Raid Review

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Raid Ant Gel is the last part of their three-point defense system on our list. And like the previous two, this one is among the best ant killers, too.

The Raid ant killer gel doesn’t kill the ants on contact, unlike the other two products. It’s instead a bait. However, it’s effective and easy to use as well. Apply the gel near the places that are hard to reach, so it attracts the ants you can’t destroy with a spray, or in out-of-the-way areas. Once the sweet bait lures them, they take it and live long enough to bring the dose to their nest. There will be ants everywhere around the ant poison gel, which will spread fast and effectively among the entire colony and the queen. They’ll die shortly after consuming the poison.

Kills different types of household antsDoesn't work with Fire, Pharaoh, and Harvester Ants
Destroys the entire colonyToxic
OdorlessFor indoors only

Moreover, the Raid gel doesn’t leave any odor once it’s applied. Re-apply the gel monthly, for ongoing ant control. If you’re facing a heavy and infestation, re-apply it more frequently.

The Raid ant gel works with almost all types of household ants, including Argentine, Carpenter, Crazy, Ghost, and Odorous ants. For Fire, Pharaoh, and Harvester ants, the Dupont Advion ant killer gel below will do the job.

Since the ant gel contains hazardous materials, ensure to apply it carefully, without coming into direct contact with it. Also, keep it away from children and pets.

As we mentioned before, it’s for the best to combine the Raid products for maximum efficiency. All of them come at affordable prices, and you only need to choose the most suitable ones, depending on your needs.

Best Indoor and Outdoor – Advion Ant Gel Review

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Advion Ant Gel comes in four tubes, 30 grams each, and with a plunger. It works the same way as the above-mentioned product does.

Just apply the ant gel where you’ve noticed ant activity, whether be it inside your house, or in your yard. However, put it only in dry areas, since the ant killer is water soluble. Once you place it, the rest of the job will do the gel itself. The sweet bait will attract the pests to consume it, but will let them live long enough to share it among their friends and the queen in the nest. Once they taste the poison, they will be eliminated in a short time. Not only the ants you see but the whole colony.

Eliminates the colonyDoesn't work at it used to
Effective with different types of antsContains toxic materials
Easy to use
Indoors and outdoors use

Moreover, unlike Raid, the Advion ant killer gel doesn’t make exceptions in its killing. The time it takes for this gel to work depends on the transfer among the ants, which can take minutes to hours. To notice a considerable decrease in the ant population, it can take up to 21 days. Also, this ant gel doesn’t spread any odor, as some of the ant killers do, so you won’t need to deal with a bad smell as well. As if the ants themselves aren’t big enough of a problem already.

Even though the Advion ant gel insecticide has a minimum percentage of active ingredients, avoid coming directly into contact with it when applying. Also, make sure children and pets have no access to the gel.

Although some of the customers report that the new formula isn’t as effective as the previous one, Advion ant killing gel isn’t among the top picks for nothing. In a short period, it’ll have your ant infestation problem solved effectively.

Ant Killer FAQs

[accordiongroup id=”837″][accordion group=”837″ title=”Does Diatomaceous Earth Kill Fire Ants?” active=”true”]The diatomaceous earth is proven to be very effective at killing ants. So, if you’re looking for an alternative to chemical pesticides, the best way to kill fire ants is definitely with this insecticide. It can be either sprinkled, or mixed with water and sprayed, around the mounds, ant trails, anywhere where the ants are active. The fire ants need to come into direct contact with the product for it to be effective, so put a light layer above the affected areas. The diatomaceous earth will remain effective as long as it’s dry.[/accordion][accordion group=”837″ title=”How Long to Wait After Exterminator Sprays?” active=”true”]Even though the ant killer sprays don’t leave chemicals after spraying, you should follow these steps after treating your home, so you feel comfortable and avoid unintended consequences: ● Keep the children and pets outside your home while you’re performing the treatment. ● Wait for the spray to dry. Drying time depends on the weather, usually takes approximately 25-30 minutes. Open the windows to air it out. ● Try not to mop and clean the floor that frequently in the sprayed areas. Do it before the treatment. ● You will see bugs coming out of their shelters and die after the treatment. Ensure to get rid of them as you notice them.[/accordion][accordion group=”837″ title=”Where to Buy Advion Ant Gel?” active=”true”]You can find the Advion Ant Gel on Amazon. Even though the product comes at higher cost than the rest on our list, it’s still affordable. [/accordion][accordion group=”837″ title=”What Is the Best Outdoor Ant Killer?” active=”true”]yard is invaded by any of these, there are several ant killers that will do their job effectively. ● TERRO T200 – Liquid Ant Killer ● Ortho Fire Ant Killer ● Advion Ant Gel ● Raid Ant Killer Spray, Fragrance Free[/accordion][accordion group=”837″ title=”How to Kill the Queen Ant?” active=”true”] If you want to kill the queen ant directly, firstly you’ll need to identify it. Usually, it’s bigger than the workers. And it has wings. So, when you find the ants’ nest, try to spot their queen. If it isn’t outside, disrupt the ant hill somehow, and it’ll come out eventually. Then, kill it. But, this is quite a waste of time. Better put an ant bait around the nest, and the queen will depart this life for sure.[/accordion][/accordiongroup]

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