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Best Bug Zappers Reviews in 2020

However hard you might be trying to seal the entry points all-around your house, the bugs always find their way in. And, of course, they’re doing their best to interrupt your good night’s sleep. That’s why you need a bad ass bug killer to keep them at bay.

So, if you still haven’t equipped a useful weapon against these pesky tiny creatures, we’ve got you covered. We’re talking about bug zappers, you need bug zappers.

There are many products, from traditional fly swatters (check out our buyer and review guide on fly swatters) to electric bug zappers, that come in different designs, at different prices, suitable for different situations, to keep the insects at a distance. You’ll have a challenging task when choosing the right device to bug-proof yourself, and we’re here to help.


One of the most effective alternatives to dispose of the bugs in both home and yard is with an electrocutor trap, also known as a bug zapper. It’s also worth mentioning that bug zappers are quite different from fly swatters and in case you’re looking to get rid of mosquitoes, take a look at our guide on choosing a mosquito trap.

Best Bug Zappers


Value for Money! Black Flag Handheld Bug Zapper Review
RUNACC Bug Zapper Camping Lantern LED Flashlight Bug Zapper
Powerhouse! Elucto Electric Bug Zapper
ZAP IT! Bug Zapper Twin Pack

29,99 $

Buy now
Hoont Electric Indoor Zapper Trap

38,99 $

Buy now
Best Seller! Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer, 1/2 Acre Coverage
Premium Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat Fly Control Device
Aspectek Upgraded 20W Electronic Bug Zapper

44,98 $

Buy now
LIGHTSMAX Solar Powered Bug Zapper
Stinger Cordless Rechargable Insect Zapper, Black
Black Flag BZ40 – Deluxe Outdoor Bug Zapper
ZappLight LED 60W Bug Zapper Bulb

11,49 $

Buy now


What Is a Bug Zapper?


A bug zapper is an electric insect-killing device. It works in such a way that it attracts the insects with UV light and electrocutes them as soon as they get inside and touch the electrified wires. From handheld to free-standing, most of them are portable, for both indoor and outdoor use, so now you have a chance to suppress the flying insects under any circumstances.


However, you should know exactly what you should look for when buying one. For example, if you need a bug zapper for outdoor pest control, you’d need a light and portable one for camping, but larger one for your backyard.


If you have decided to go with a bug zapper to get rid of the pests, we have an extensive list of what you’ll get when buying one.


Best Indoor Bug Zapper – Hoont Electric Bug Zapper

Hoont Electric Indoor Zapper Trap

38,99 $

Buy now



Hoont electric bug zapper appears to be among top-rated products when it comes to indoor insect control. It’s perfect for destroying the tiny flying insects, such as flies and mosquitoes, that invade your home all summer long.


The Hoont bug zapper is powered by electricity, and it only takes an electric outlet to start operating. The device comes with a detachable chain, so it can be either hang on the wall to prevent children and pets from having access or free-standing at any flat surface. Featuring two energy-efficient 10 watt UV bulbs, it attracts the flying insects onto the electrically charged killing grid and fries them immediately. The bug zapper has such design that it protects its users from getting a shock. The tight metal grid won’t let any fingers to come in touch with the electrified grid below. However, the bugs will have free access to it from both sides of the zapper. It doesn’t take much effort to maintain this device. Just remove the tray at the bottom of the zapper, with the pile of dead insects inside, and clean it.


Protects 6000 sq. ft.No warranty
Fly, bugs, mosquitoes
Comes with detachable chain
20 watts, cord length 4 ft./ 2 x 10 watt UV bulbs


This electric bug killer attracts the flying insects within 6000 sq. ft. area, which makes it suitable for any room. Although it’s for indoor use only, if you need this device to shield you from the pests outdoors, make sure to put it in dry areas, without being exposed to the elements.


On the other hand, a number of users find the Hoont bug zapper ineffective. Even though it had been working perfectly with the pests, after a very short time, the zapper stopped functioning.


With the Hoont bug zapper you will get 100% effectiveness when disposing of the flying insects, but only for a short while.


Best Outdoor Bug Zappers

Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer – Outdoor Only Review

Best Seller! Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer, 1/2 Acre Coverage


You can’t enjoy the summer days in your yard because of the flying bloodsuckers? The Flowtron BK-15D electronic insect killer comes to the rescue!


There’s a good reason why this electric fly trap is the pick of the bunch. It’s designed to attract the flying insects with the UV light, and electrify them once they get into contact with the electrified grid. Since the Flowtron insect killer is electric, it only needs to be plugged in to start operating. The exterior metal grid protects you from accidentally coming in touch with the inner grid and getting a shock.


This bug killing lantern covers an area of ½ acre, so if you don’t have a huge yard, this one will do the job. For better results, make sure to replace the Octenol attractant, which lures mosquitoes, every 30 days. However, the zapper is recommended to be set at least 25-feet away from the area intended for any human activities. You don’t want to find yourself in a swarm!


Protects 2000 sq. ft.Short cord
15 watt UV bulb/Cord length 9”
Non-clogging killing grid
Easy bulb replacement


If by any chance, there are bugs clogged up in the inner zapping area, the best way to clean the killing grid is with compressed air. It will blow them away. Furthermore, the unit is waterproof, so you don’t need to worry if it’s left outside in the rain.


On the other hand, its only ‘disadvantage’ is the short cord, so you will probably need an extension.


Although it comes at a higher cost, with the Flowtron BK-15D electronic insect killer, you get your money’s worth.


Black Flag BZ40 – Deluxe Outdoor Bug Zapper Review

Black Flag BZ40 – Deluxe Outdoor Bug Zapper


If you are dealing with flying bugs in your medium or large-sized yard, Black Flag BZ40 – Deluxe has your back. The bug zapper covers an area within a radius of 1.5 acres, which is quite enough to protect your backyard.


It works the same way the most of the bug zappers do. The UV black light attracts the insects inside the metal cage. The moment they touch the wires, the electrified inner wire cage delivers 5,500V electric shock that terminates the pests right away. It’s set inside an enclosure, which protects you from accidentally touching the wires and getting injured. But, the openings are large enough for any insect to come inside.


5,500V / UV black light
40 watts
Short cord
1.5-acre coverageOutdoors only
Dusk-to-dawn sensor switch
Includes mosquito Octenol lure
5-year warranty


Moreover, the Black Flag BZ40 features a dusk-to-dawn sensor switch. The device will turn on at dusk and off at dawn, which will save you extra money. But, there’s also a 24-hour option, if the bugs come out during the daytime.


The device can be either mounted on the wall or free-standing on a flat surface. However, only outdoors. It needs an electric outlet to start operating, and the short cord can cause trouble. You’d probably need an extension and have extra costs.


On the other hand, maintenance is an easy job. If there are bugs stuck inside, compressed air will make them vanish.


But, as with all the zappers, you will come across many different experiences with this one, too. There have been cases when the device didn’t work as it was supposed to. However, the manufacturer backs it with a 5-year warranty.


Best Bug Zapper Racket & Handheld Zappers


When it comes to bug zapper rackets or electric fly swatters, the greatest advantage is that they’re light and portable. Also, they are powered by batteries, so you can take the cordless bug zapper with you wherever you need to protect yourself from the flying bugs, in the areas with or without electricity, both indoors and outdoors. They do the same thing all bug zappers do – fry the insects. So, if you have decided to go with this handheld fly-killing device, here’s an overview of products that will help you choose the right one.


Elucto Swatter and Bug Zapper Review

Powerhouse! Elucto Electric Bug Zapper


Elucto swatter and bug zapper is proven to be the most effective bug zapper among the tennis racket bug zappers. Due to its comfortable design, it’s suitable for both indoors and outdoors.


Powered by two non-rechargeable DURACELL AA batteries, Elucto provides a 3000V electric shock that is strong enough to kill the tiny bugs with one swat. As long as you hold the button on the handle, the battery operated bug zapper is functioning. It features a one-layer grid with parallel bars, so the flying insects directly come into contact with the current. However, due to the lack of two safety meshes on either side of the zapper, you are exposed to the risk of getting a shock if you accidentally touch the electrified grid. But, it won’t kill you, of course! And, as many users report, neither will the bigger bugs. At least, not immediately. It may take a couple of swats so that the large pest is gone for good. Nonetheless, it works perfectly with mosquitoes, moths, and gnats.


3000V of powerNot rechargeable
Kills flies with one swatTakes a few swats to kill the bigger bugs
Easy to maintain
1-year warranty
For both indoor and outdoor use


Moreover, the Elucto tennis racket bug zapper is made of ABS plastic, so it contains no harmful materials and is safe to use around kids and pets. Also, it is easy to maintain. Due to the wide space between the parallel bars, the bugs can’t get stuck inside. Once they are electrified, they’ll fall.


Lastly, should you encounter any issues with this electronic bug zapper racket, the manufacturer backs it with a 1-year warranty.


Black Flag Handheld Bug Zapper Review

Value for Money! Black Flag Handheld Bug Zapper Review


If the tiny flying bugs, like mosquitoes and wasps, hang their hat in your home and yard, the Black Flag electronic bug zapper racket will make them drop like flies. Literally.


Now that you’ve come across this cordless bug zapper, you won’t need an electric outlet anymore to get rid of the pests. Two non-rechargeable AA batteries power it, and it’s portable and light as well, so you can use it under any circumstances, indoors and outdoors. Just press and hold the button on the handle, so the bug zapper racket starts operating.


2750V of powerNot rechargeable
Mosquitoes, biting flies, spiders, yellowjackets, and waspsTakes a few swats to kill the bigger bugs
It is lightweight
For both indoor and outdoor use


The grid of this battery powered bug zapper consists of three layers, one protective on each side, and an electrified one in the middle. This way, it reduces the risk of shocking yourself if you come in touch with the electrified grid to a minimum.

However, the tiny bugs don’t have the same luck. The moment they come in the electric field, 2750V electric shock is released through their body, and they get terminated on the spot. On the other hand, the shock isn’t strong enough to kill the bigger ones.

But, of course, there’s a solution for this, too. Just hold the tennis racket bug zapper against the bug a little bit longer, and it will turn up its toes. If there’s a dead bug stuck between the criss-crossed wires, hold the button until the high-voltage current makes it perish.

Moreover, the Black Flag electronic bug zapper racket doesn’t contain toxic materials that are destructive to your health, so feel free to use it around children and pets.


If you’re looking for a deadly weapon to dispose of the flying pests, the Black Flag tennis racket bug zapper meets the criteria.


Best Led Bug Zapper – ZappLight Review

ZappLight LED 60W Bug Zapper Bulb

11,49 $

Buy now


When you have free entrances for the mosquitoes all around your house, you must find a way to bug-proof yourself while you’re indoors. So, here comes the ZappLight led bug zapper bulb to protect you from the annoying critters, or at least, that’s what it’s supposed to do.


The ZappLight light bulb bug zapper features a built-in grid and a very light LED light that attracts the insects. The electrified zapping grid is inside a plastic cage, which protects you from accidentally getting your fingers stuck inside and getting a shock. It’s activated in the same way a standard light bulb is. Just screw it into a standard lightbulb socket, press the switch on, and the led bug zapper will start operating. It’s a little bit wider than a standard light bulb, and it’s suitable for any room.


60 wattsSome doubt its killing abilities
LED light lure
A small brush for cleaning included


The light bulb bug zapper comes with a small brush, with which you’ll clean off the pile of dead insects collected inside. Or, with compressed air, which will blow them away if there are any bugs at all.


The popular opinion is that the ZappLight led bug zapper is not as effective as it’s supposed to be. Not only has it a short life, but also when it’s in its full effect, it doesn’t zap mosquitoes as well. You don’t want to find yourself in a room, with flickering light, full of flying insects. However, it works fine with moths.


You don’t need only a light bulb, but a light bulb bug zapper as well, which the ZappLight led bug zapper doesn’t seem to be. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get a lemon when you buy a low-priced product. Well, with this one, you will.

Best Bug Zappers for Mosquitoes


Once the good weather is here, those annoying bloodsucking creatures come with it, too. Luckily, several solutions will help you sleep in peace again. So, if you are looking for an appliance to get rid of mosquitoes exclusively, take a look at the following product.


Hoont Rubust Electric Zapper

Hoont Electric Indoor Zapper Trap

38,99 $

Buy now


If you’re looking for an effective mosquito bug zapper, Hoont Rubust electric zapper will do the job.


With a hanging ring on the top, you can mount it on a wall, where children and pets have no access, or put it on a flat area, free-standing. This electric mosquito zapper runs on 110V current and only needs to plug it in to start operating. No buttons, no switches. Being open on all sides, the electric mosquito killer provides 360 degrees insect protection, up to the 1.5-acre area.


Covers up to 1.5 acresNot for large insects
Power: 18 watts / 24-watt UV bulb / Cord length 5 ft.
For both indoor and outdoor use


The Hoont Robust mosquito bug zapper features a replaceable high-intensity 24-watt light bulb, which lures the tiny pests into the enclosure to get electrocuted. The electrified grid is protected with a cage so that you don’t have access to it and get shocked. When getting rid of the dead insects, take out the tray at the bottom of the unit, and clean it. If there are bugs clogged in the killing grid, blow them away with compressed air.


Moreover, containing no toxic materials, the Hoont Rebust mosquito bug zapper is absolutely safe. You can put it wherever you need to, be it around children, or pets.


On the other hand, it discriminates in its killing. The openings of the outer cage are too small for the sizeable flying bugs to come inside. But, it does a fair job with the tiny ones.


Lastly, since a number of people received a defective unit, make sure the electric mosquito killer comes with a refund or exchange policy.


Best Solar Powered Bug Zapper


The solar powered bug zapper works in such a way that it converts the sunlight into electricity through the solar panels attached to the device. With its regular garden light look, it functions as both a zapper and light. The solar bug zapper is effective the most when it’s exposed to intense sunlight. Therefore, it’s only a solution for outdoors. However, you won’t have any extra costs with this one for using the sunlight!


LIGHTSMAX Solar Bug Zapper Review

LIGHTSMAX Solar Powered Bug Zapper


The LIGHTSMAX solar powered bug zapper features 0.5W LED light that attracts the bugs inside and gets them electrified. This cordless bug zapper is powered by 1 AA NI-CD battery, so it doesn’t need electric outlets to start working. Neither the battery will ever need to be replaced. By absorbing solar energy, and transforming it into electrical, it’ll recharge. However, in the beginning, it might take a couple of days until the solar bug zapper recharges fully. Due to its portability, you can put it anywhere in the yard, whether be it hang, or set to the ground, with or without the stake, where the sunlight easily reaches it.


0.5-watt LEDMight take a few days until it recharges fully
1mAh NI-CD batteryNot very effective
Ambient light sensor
Rust resistant


Besides, the LIGHTSMAX solar bug zapper is made of plastic, meaning it’s waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about it being exposed to the rain. Also, you can use it not only as a bug zapper but also as a garden light. It features an ambient light sensor, which turns the light and zapper on once it detects low light.


However, there’s always a ‘but’. Many users of this solar powered bug zapper find the device not as effective as it’s claimed to be. It covers a very small range, and its killing abilities aren’t the best of the bunch. As the people report, many flying bugs roam around the zapper, then leave without being the least affected.


Lastly, the LIGHTSMAX solar bug zapper comes at a hefty price. It looks good, but if you are on the market for a bug zapper exclusively, we recommend considering an electric-powered one, not a solar-powered one.


Best Commercial and Industrial Bug Zappers


When the annoying mosquitoes start attacking, it’s not only your home that needs protection. If you’re running a business, you’d probably need to make the employees feel comfortable as well. So, why not get a commercial bug zapper and keep them happy at the workplace, both indoors and outdoors, in warehouses, retail establishments, or commercial sites.


If you’re looking for options, here are some.


Aspectek 20W Electronic Bug Zapper Review

Aspectek Upgraded 20W Electronic Bug Zapper

44,98 $

Buy now


The itchy bites from the mosquitoes are probably the most irritating part of the summer. So, here comes the Aspectek 20W commercial bug zapper to save your skin.


The Aspectek Bug Zapper is a great option both for indoor and outdoor use. It comes with hanging chains, in case you want to install it away from your kids and pets. However, you can also just put in a corner, close to a power outlet, and you’re all set. The device comes with a 39.4 inches cable so that you won’t need any extensions.


20WToo Loud
Chemical-freeLow power output
Tube life approx. 8,000h / 34.9 inch cord
Hanging-chains Included


Be careful when you replace the bulbs. There is still electricity in them, even minutes after you plug it out of the socket. To avoid the inconvenient, and unpleasant zap, wear rubber gloves. The Aspectek insect killer is quite loud. This is probably the only reason why would recommend it for outdoor use. Nevertheless, if you put it in the living room, or where the noise won’t be a problem, it should play out well. People seem to be happy with it, only because it attracts insects. Then, once attracted, the zap, the power is not enough, meaning a lot of flies, mosquitos, and moths will simply fly away.


Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat Fly Control Device Review

Premium Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat Fly Control Device


The first thing you’ll notice on the Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat industrial bug zapper is probably the price tag. Yes, it costs the earth. But, wait to see its features!


This deadly weapon comes with a 5,600V electrified grid, and it controls the flying bugs in a range of up to 2 acres. It also features glo-tube reflectors, which increase the luring power. Moreover, the Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat includes fly sex lure that enhances attractiveness to insects. When they come inside, they get fried instantly, while the outside cage protects you from going through a shocking experience.


5,600 volts / 2.4 amps with a 67″ power cordUses quite a bit of electricity
Covers up to 2 acres
120 watts UV lure power / Glo-tube reflectors
Includes fly sex lure (Pheromone)
For both indoors and outdoors


You can set the Flowtron bug zapper anywhere you need to get rid of the pests (far from you, tho). You can mount it vertically on the wall and horizontally suspend it from the ceiling when it’s set indoors. When you put it outdoors, always mount the zapper vertically. Moreover, the cord is long enough to save you from extra costs for extensions.


The Flowtron industrial bug zapper features removable tray as well, meaning it’s easy to dispose of the dead insects. Just open it, and they’ll fall in the grass.


However, when using this bug killer, you may get a higher electricity bill. Also, you’ll have extra costs when replacing the bulbs once they die. But, you’ll finally get rid of the annoying creatures, which is priceless!


Portable Bug Zappers


When you’re looking for an effective bug zapper, it needs to be portable. The bugs might resist coming there where you want them to. But, they can’t stop you from coming to them, fully equipped, with a deadly weapon! So, here we’ve taken a closer look at the products you might want to add to your pest management equipment.


RUNACC Bug Zapper Camping Bug Zapper

RUNACC Bug Zapper Camping Lantern LED Flashlight Bug Zapper


When you go camping, you need the right equipment to prevent you from waking up with itchy bites all over your body. And the RUNACC bug zapper will make it possible for you to keep the flying bloodsuckers at a distance and enjoy your days.


Firstly, being lightweight and compact, you can bring it with you wherever you go. Since it runs on USB rechargeable battery, it doesn’t need electricity to charge. You only need a USB plug to recharge the battery. The UV light attracts the insects, and then the electrified grid electrocutes them. It’s ultra-quiet, so you’ll have a silent solution for the pests whose buzzing doesn’t let you sleep at peace.


LED Lantern and Bug ZapperNot always effective
15 Hours of UseMaintenance can be a problem
Rechargeable 2,200mAh Battery
16 x 16 Protected Area
IP66 Waterproof


Secondly, you can use it as both a bug killer and light. To use it as a mosquito zapper, turn the ‘Mosquito killer’ switch on. For a lighting mode, turn the ‘Lantern’ on. The brightness is adjustable, and it comes in 3 modes – 20%, 50%, and 100% lighting.


Thirdly, it’s waterproof. So, you don’t need to worry if it accidentally gets caught in the rain.


On the other hand, many people received only the ‘Lantern’ mode with their purchase. The product hasn’t been much effective with the bugs.


However, since it comes at a very affordable price, and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the RUNACC bug zapper is worth a try.


Rechargeable Bug Zappers


When looking for a cost-effective bug zapper, it needs to be rechargeable. This way, you won’t have to spend extra money on batteries that die quite often. Of course, we have a solution for this, too.


ZAP  IT! Bug Zapper

ZAP IT! Bug Zapper Twin Pack

29,99 $

Buy now


As we mentioned before, the bug zapper rackets are a very effective way to protect yourself from the menace that doesn’t let you enjoy the summer days. Also, they don’t come at sky-high prices and are suitable to use under any circumstances. We give you ZAP IT!, which is among the top picks of its category.


It features a powerful 4,000V grid, which is strong enough to kill any flying bug that comes into contact. The grid consists of three layers, one protective on each side, and electrified one between them, meaning that it’ll protect you from getting a shock. Also, the insects won’t be able to escape once they get between the bars. However, the zapper should be handled with caution. It works while you’re holding the button, only when you want it to.


4,000V gridTakes a few swats to kill the bigger bugs
Rechargeable (USB charging)
Large surface
LED light
Lifetime warranty


What’s more, ZAP IT! runs on a built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery. So, you can use it wherever you need to, even in areas without electricity. It just needs to be plugged into any USB device to recharge fully, for less than an hour. This cordless bug zapper features LED light as well, which will help you better see the insects while hunting in the dark. Also, it comes with a large surface, to make the bug trapping easier.


However, as with the rest of the tennis racket bug zappers, it takes longer to cash the bugs in their chips with ZAP IT!, too. But, sooner or later, it kills them as well.


Lastly, the manufacturer backs the product with a lifetime warranty.


To all appearances, it’s a great deal for the price!


Stinger Cordless Rechargeable Insect Zapper

Stinger Cordless Rechargable Insect Zapper, Black


It’s portable, cordless, and rechargeable! Apparently, the Stinger bug zapper meets the criteria an easy-to-use bug zapper requires.


Now, here are some features to see if it’s effective as well.


The Stinger cordless bug zapper runs on a rechargeable Li-ion battery, which allows you continued hunting up to 3.5 hours. It takes 3 hours to recharge.


CordlessShort battery life
Replaceable UV black lightSmall coverage area
1 Mosquito Octenol Lure included
Easy to clean
For indoors and outdoors


The device controls the flying pests within 625 sq. ft. area. To set it up, put the Octenol lure in the removable tray at the bottom, which needs to be replaced every 30 days, so that you get better results. The insects are attracted to the UV waves and come inside the zapper, only to get zapped when they touch the metal mesh. If there are any dead insects in the tray, remove it, and dispose of all dead insects.


Furthermore, the bug zapper features bright LED light so that it can be used as a light as well. You can either hang it or put in on a flat surface, indoors and outdoors. It is recommended to put the appliance between the source of the insects and the area to be protected. But, 10-14 ft. away from any human activity.


However, according to some people, there have been cases when bugs are walking on the metal wires, without receiving the slightest shock.


So, if you take an overall look at the products we reviewed so far, you’ll find a better and more effective solution for your problem.


Bug Zappers FAQs

Bug zappers definitely work when it comes to controlling the bug population in your home. The first bug zapper was invented in the early 20th century, and they have been improved over the years. Today, there’s a variety of bug zappers with different attracts, different power levels and unsurprisingly, a wide array of designs as well. If you are asking this question, you probably should get one.
The term bug ZAPPER comes from the onomatopoeic word ZAP, which the device makes when a mosquito comes in contact. There’s high voltage current going through the metal mesh grid, enough to burst the mosquito in an instant. To attract the mosquito, high-end zappers use both UV light and CO2. CO2 is essential if you want to get rid of mosquitoes.
Bug zappers that emit CO2 work perfectly when it comes to mosquitoes. UV light is considered a gimmick if you’re shopping for a bug zapper with mosquitoes in mind. Top-shelf bug zappers that emit both CO2 and UV light are the all-inclusive solution, however, they come at a higher price.
The effect that occurs is called SCATTERING. The ZAP bursts the bug, creating a mist of viruses and bacteria carried by the bug, regardless of the type. Bug zappers are not approved by the FDA in food preparation areas. We recommend using it outdoors, or if you are using one indoors, make sure it has a container and a glue board.