Best Electric Fly Swatters Reviews 2020

Flying insects which invade your home can become a serious problem if left untreated. Apart from being a nuisance, they spread many diseases, can damage your clothes, or contaminate your food. If you are an entomologist, you might be happy about having them in your house.

Otherwise, the rest of us can all agree on one thing for sure, they must be gone! Although it seems impossible to get rid of them once and for all, there are ways which are faster and more efficient than the others to, at least, keep them away.

So, instead of trying either different bug sprays, which are environmentally unfriendly, and expose yourself to toxic materials or old-fashioned fly swatters, where you need to stand still and wait for the bug to land so that you kill it, we have a better solution for you. In case you’re more of the gatherer type, check our article on best bug zappers where you sit back and you let the zapper do its work.

Top 5 Electric Fly Swatters

Follow us for a brief overview of the best and most functional fly swatters on the market today, or just scroll down (or just choose from the table of contents) and check out any of the individual reviews below.

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Electric fly swatters are the best alternative to dispose of those tiny creatures in your home and yard. You can carry the fly zapper racket around, inside and outside your home, and destroy the little invaders at the same moment they touch the swatter.

A zap and the bug is fried! You will have your work cut out to find the best electric fly swatter since there are many different models on the market in different price ranges.

But, whichever you decide to pick out will be a great deal for the price. So, if you have decided to add the electric fly zapper among your pest control weapons, we will help you choose the right product to get the job done as effectively as possible.


Black Flag Handheld Bug Zapper Review


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Black Flag Handheld Bug Zapper is a perfect solution for the annoying small flying insects, such as wasps, mosquitoes, yellowjackets, that reside in your home and yard.

You would be surprised what this small, tennis racket look-alike device, empowered by a single pair of AA batteries, is capable of. Since it is light and portable, it makes the whole process faster and easier. Just press the button on the handle and let the execution begin.

As long as the red light on the button is on, you can keep eliminating the pests. The moment the bug comes in contact with this electric fly zapper, the 2750V current that flows through the paddle electrocutes it immediately.


2750V of powerNot rechargeable
Mosquitoes, biting flies, spiders, yellowjackets, and waspsTakes a few swats to kill the bigger bugs
It is lightweight
For both indoor and outdoor use


Since the grid is made up of three layers, one protective on each side, and the electrified one in the middle, it may take a little bit longer for the bigger bugs to meet their maker. So, if it has not breathed its last the moment you swat it but is just stunned, just hold the fly zapper longer against it, and make sure the pest is gone for good.

It is not the best bug zapper for flies and larger pests if you want to finish the job as fast as possible, but it is lethal for the tiny ones. Additionally, it is non-rechargeable, but this should not be of concern to you at all. Once the batteries are dead, just replace them with new ones, and the fly zapper will start working straight away.

Its self-sanitizing ability makes the maintenance a piece of cake. Just ensure that the germs are stuck between the layers, and then hold the button until they start smoking and perish.

You will feel a stinky smell like one of a burning hair, but at least the zapper will be clean. Moreover, it is non-toxic, contains no harmful materials, the power is relatively low, so it is safe to use around kids and pets.

However, never touch the wire mesh while it is activated. The electrical fly swatter voltage will not kill you for sure, but you will feel a slight shock.

Regardless of whether you are at home, or outside it, this electric bug swatter will help you bug-proof yourself.

It is not out of this world, but works decently for the price.


Elucto Large Electric Fly Swatter and Bug Zapper Review


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It takes just this handheld device in your hands and two AA DURACELL batteries, which are included in your purchase, to start with your bug-less days.

The racket of the Elucto bug zapper is the same as of a typical electric fly zapper that runs on two AA batteries. Its grid consists of one layer with parallel bars.

The lack of safety mesh of both sides of the zapping area, in our opinion, is of great advantage, since the bug directly will come across the 3000V current and be terminated in a second.

Of course, the risk of getting a shock if you touch it is bigger, but why would you? The red light on the operating button on the handle will let you know if electricity is flowing through the parallel bar killing grid.

However, the fly zapper works only when you want it to. With its tennis racket appearance, but much lighter, this electric bug swatter is so comfortable to use, both indoors and outdoors.


3000V of powerNot rechargeable
Kills flies with one swatTakes a few swats to kill the bigger bugs
Easy to maintain
1-year warranty
For both indoor and outdoor use


You might worry that the space between the bars is too wide, so the tiny bugs will just fly through it without any consequences, which is not the case. Any bug that comes in the electric field will be destroyed, it does not necessarily need to touch the bar. It works perfectly with mosquitoes, moths, and gnats.

Even though they all claim to kill all the bugs with just one zap, we still have not encountered a fly swatter with which this is the case a hundred percent of the time. All of them, including this one, are consistent in keeping to this promise when it refers only to the smaller bugs.

When you shock something with high-voltage electric power, you expect it to die immediately. It does kill the bigger ones, only if you fry them longer, and if they do not fly away after the first zap. So, if you are in a hurry to destroy those larger creatures, the Elucto bug zapper for flies may not be the fastest solution.

On the other hand, being made of ABS plastic, it does not contain any materials that are destructive to your health, so feel free to use it wherever you need to, whether around kids, or foods. Due to its one layer, it is impossible for the insects to get stuck inside, therefore you will not have to clean a pile of dead insects afterwards.

Finally, this heavy duty fly swatter comes with a 1-year warranty, just to make sure you will be fully satisfied.


Beastron Bug Swatter (Zapper) Review


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A powerful fly zapper should not produce less than 3000 volts. And it should not just stun the bug, regardless of its size, but kill it, too. And it should be safe and easy to use.

Now, you have come across a product which meets all the criteria, or at least it is what the Beastron Bug Zapper is claimed to do. In practice, as many people have reported so far, it is effective only against small bugs, like mosquitoes and gnats.

But, if you are looking for a bug zapper for flies and larger bugs, this electric fly zapper might not be the best solution for you. However, since it features a 3000-volt grid, one thing is certain. It will make you forget about the bites of these bloodsuckers.

Its incredibly comfortable design will help you get rid of these annoying little critters indoors and outdoors.

It consists of three layers, so if you touch this powerful fly trap tool by accident while activated, the safety meshes will protect you from getting injured. It also stops the insects from escaping, once they get stuck between them. Nonetheless, it should be handled with caution.


Kills small flying insects with one swatNo battery life indicator
3000VTakes a few swats to kill the bigger bugs
Fast USB charging
Super bright LED light
1-year warranty
For both indoor and outdoor use


Beastron runs on a built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery, and only 30 minutes of recharging time is enough for this electric fly zapper to work non-stop for 6 hours. It just needs to be plugged into any USB device to recharge. The light on the button on the handle turns green when fully charged.

However, there is no indicator that shows the battery life. The battery might die in the middle of a fight with the bugs without a warning, and leave you unprotected until the next full recharge. But, why worry about this, when it comes at an affordable price.

You can just take two of these electric fly zappers, and use the other one when the first one runs out of power.

Furthermore, the handle features super bright LED light which not only attracts, but also helps you see the flying bugs even in the dark. The sleepless nights owing to the annoying buzzing sounds and painful bites will sink into oblivion.

[alert style=”success”]By using rechargeable batteries, or products that are powered by such, you are contributing to the protection of nature and environment.[/alert]

Now, you have found this golden product, ditch both harmful bug sprays and insecticides. This fly zapper contains no toxic materials, and have no safety risks to you and the environment.

Lastly, should you encounter any issues with this heavy duty fly swatter, the manufacturer backs it with a 1-year warranty. In my personal opinion, it is a great deal for the price.


The Executioner Fly Swat – the fly killer


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Its name says it all! The Executioner fly swatter does exactly what it is supposed to, it executes the flying bugs inside and outside your home. However, it is probably expected to destroy each one that comes into contact with the surface.

Well, it is not the case. As people report, and the manufacturer itself, “the shock is powerful enough to kill most mosquitoes and can take the wings off a fly.” So, it might not be the best bug zapper for flies, but each SMALL insect brave enough to cross this deadly weapon will face its punishment for being a nuisance before you know it.

With the other ones, it will probably take longer until they bite the dust. Nevertheless, its electrified 1-layer mesh does not spare any pest that comes in touch with the zapping wires. Being lightweight, it makes the portability very easy, so you can take it with you anywhere you go.

This electric fly zapper might not have protective layers, but you always need to hold the button so that the electricity flows, which makes it safe to use. Just load it with two non-rechargeable AA batteries, which can always be replaced, and you are ready for varmint hunting.

Also, it is easy to maintain, and there would probably be no need for cleaning at all since the wires are not crisscrossed. The bugs just fall down after being zapped. If that is not the case, wipe it with a dry cloth. Make sure you have previously taken the batteries out, just in case.


Made of ABS plasticNot Rechargeable
LightweightTakes a few swats to kill the bigger bugs
Easy to maintain


Moreover, just like the rest of the electric fly swatters, this one contains non-hazardous materials, too. This is a great chance to throw away the bug sprays and reduce your exposure to toxic materials to a minimum.

Finally, some people complain that the fly zapper racket stopped working after a while, or it had already been broken when it arrived, so make sure there is a refund or exchange policy.

Is it worth the money? To all appearances, the basic idea works.


Types of Electric Fly Swatters

You will come across many types of electric fly swatters on the market that come with extra-features, and picking the best one is not as easy as it seems. Now, here are some features you should pay attention to when choosing an electric fly swatter that will satisfy your demands.

  • 1-Layer Mesh – They are more efficient than those with three layers, since the bug directly comes in touch with the current, and is destroyed on the spot. On the other hand, because of the lack of safety meshes, the user is exposed to the risk of giving themselves a painful shock if come in touch with the grid.
  • 3-Layer Mesh – The zapping area of these fly swatter zappers consists of two safety layers, and an electric grid in the middle. The risk of receiving an electric shock if you come in touch with the mesh is reduced to a minimum due to the protective layers. A disadvantage is that it may take a couple of swats to kill the bigger bugs.
  • Batteries – They provide the flies zapper with a voltage that comes in thousand-volt range.
    • Non-Rechargeable
    • Rechargeable (USB or outlet)
  • LED Light – It comes as a great advantage since it lures the bugs onto the grid to eliminate them in a second.
  • Flashlight – Some of the electric fly swatters come with a flashlight, so as to help you hunt the bugs in darkness.
  • Differences in voltages – Depending on the power source, the voltage of the current in the grid varies in a range of 2750-3000 volts.

An electric fly swatter is a powerful weapon against the bugs that sneak into your home, as well as the ones outside it. You might wonder why choose this over a classic one. It is obvious! Unlike the other fly zapper types, the electric ones are way more efficient.

Shaped like a tennis racket and battery-powered, they deliver an electric shock that eradicates those winged terrors immediately. Even though there are different models, they all work the same way. A press of the button and the fly swatter zapper is activated.

It produces a blue spark and a satisfying buzzing sound so that you know your aim has been achieved.

You do not have to waste your time anymore waiting for the bug to land on a hard surface, and even then hit it. It is an exhausting task, isn’t it? However, never hit the bug against a surface with the electric swatter. It will cause damage to the paddle.


[alert style=”info”]Sometimes a rechargeable product can be rendered useless, just because you can’t recharge it. Having an extra pair of batteries doesn’t hurt, yet it gives you the power source for most electric fly swatters.[/alert]


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One more reason why the electric fly swatters are more practical than the old-fashioned ones is that they do not leave mess afterwards and are easier to maintain.

There will be no stains all around the house, as when you crush the bug with the traditional swatter. Also, there will not be a bunch of insect carcasses stuck between the gaps of the swatter. Once it is electrocuted, it falls down dead.

Being manoeuvred manually, it is of great importance for these handheld flies zappers to be light and comfortable to use. Given the fact they are portable, they are suitable for any occasion where you need to protect yourself from the pests.

Moreover, electric fly swatters are not insect repellents, as some people consider them to be. They do kill the insects, but they do not keep them away from the area.

Lastly, make sure not to zap humans, however tempting it might be!

Electric Fly Swatters FAQs

How do electronic fly swatters work?

Electronic fly swatters are not made for swatting the bugs, but electrifying them. Working on batteries, with a press of a button, they provide current that delivers electrical shock once the bug touches the mesh, which kills or stuns it. Electronic fly swatter voltage varies depending on the source, up to 3000V.

Can an electric fly swatter hurt you?

An electric fly swatter can’t hurt you severely. Moreover, if you use it as intended, you cannot get hurt in any way. Trying to zap yourself will “sting” for a bit, but that’s pretty much it. Don’t try to touch the electric grid with your tongue though!

Are electric fly swatters safe?

None of the electric fly swatters is toxic or contains harmful materials. However, never touch the mesh while holding the button so that you do not shock yourself. Also, keep it away from children. It looks like a toy, and when it falls into the hands of someone who does not know how to operate it, it can lead to unwanted consequences.

Can electric fly swatter kill roaches?

Since the roaches are shelled and resilient, and most of them are not flying, it would probably be easier to use a shoe.

How well do electric fly swatters work with mosquitoes?

The electric fly swatter works most effectively with the tiny bugs, and that is exactly what the mosquitoes are. It works perfect and leaves no mess afterwards.

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