Best Indoor Mosquito Traps Reviews 2020

Finding the best indoor mosquito traps is easier said than done, but only because there are tons of them. They come in different shapes and sizes, different designs, and all of them are advertised with a range of added special features.

The first thing to note, you need a solution for mosquitoes, not just an ornament or a fancy lamp that makes a sound when the mosquito parts way with this world.

We’re going to start with the best indoor mosquito trap, which, in practice, is a zapper, but it has the features of a mosquito trap as well.

[alert style=”danger”]”If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.” – Dalai Lama[/alert]

Top 7 Indoor Mosquito Traps

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To save you some time, and spare you from reading a couple of thousands of words, we’ve listed the best product the market has to offer in this category. If you think it’s not what you need or want, feel free to scroll down below and have a look at the alternatives. It’s a seller’s market, but not from the price perspective, rather with the variety of products in mind.


Greatico Bug Zapper Review

It’s compact, effective, and it doesn’t cost a small fortune! The Greatico Bug Zapper by X-cheng is all you need to enjoy those “mosquito-less” summer nights. Due to its compact design, it’s perfect in any environment, as long as the room is not too big.

However, even if that’s the case, you can afford another one, due to its rather low price. A lot of people report that it works great outdoor as well, but we think that’s a bit far-fetched. Nevertheless, it works great indoors.

Greatico runs on 110V current, and it’s also compatible with a US outlet. Besides the product, you also get 4 UV light bulbs a cleaning brush. Do not worry about maintenance! Thanks to this cleaning brush, you can easily remove the pile of dead mosquitoes of the grid, but other flies and insects as well!

Just make sure you choose the position carefully. It needs to be at least 6 ft. off the ground, and it needs to be mounted horizontally. Once the mosquito is close enough, the fan will suck it in, and it will meet its demise, in other words, the 110V current running through the grid.

The Greatico Bug Zapper is 100% child and environment safe, meaning you can mount it in pretty much any room

Bonus feature, it’s also a decent night light, great for kids that are still afraid of complete darkness.

If mosquitoes are a problem, get one today, and get your peaceful sleep back again![produkte limit=”1″ orderby=”date” order=”desc” include=”196″ layout=”list” review=”false” detail_button=”false” buy_button=”true” details_fields=”true” details_tax=”true” reduced=”false” align=”left” slider=”false”]


DynaTrap DT3039 Indoor Insect Trap 2 AC Outlets

It comes in black! And it has a USB port! And it’s non-toxic! Also, the manufacturer is one of the leaders in the field, we give you DynaTrap DT3039!

Basically, any of the mosquito traps coming from DynaTrap from the DR3000 series is absolutely golden! The features speak for themselves. The product literally sells itself. It uses UV light to attract mosquitoes, which makes it look as if it’s from a sci-fi movie.

This is not a zapper! This is a mosquito trap that uses glue cards, meaning it’s silent, but very deadly, for the mosquitoes that is. One of the best things about it, that we personally like about it, is that you’re supposed to replace the glue card every 30 to 60 days.

Of course, like all other things on Earth, this is relative also. If you have a big outburst of mosquitoes in your home, you might want to check up on the glue card every 10 days, just to be sure you’re not missing out on more dead mosquitoes!

With coverage of up to 600 sq. ft, the DynaTrap DT3039 can deliver exactly what you need, a silent solution for the menace that’s not letting you sleep in peace.

Is there anything we don’t like about it? In all honesty, not really. If you don’t want to go with the popular opinion, and you like a flawless product, DynaTrap 3009 Indoor Insect Trap is the way to go![produkte orderby=”date” order=”desc” include=”237″ layout=”list” review=”false” detail_button=”false” buy_button=”true” details_fields=”true” details_tax=”true” reduced=”false” align=”left” slider=”false”]

Hausbell Mosquito Killer

This “fierce” mosquito killer takes one full week to assert dominance in the area where you’re experiencing the problem. Like all the others, you need to give it at least 2-3 hours of time BEFORE you sleep for it to get rid of all mosquitoes in your bedroom.

So far so good, but we prefer leaving the mosquito trap/killer on non-stop. It’s a small price to pay for a pleasant, peaceful sleep.

As per the description in the manual, the dead mosquito compartment should be cleaned every 2 to 4 weeks. Now that’s a full fortnight and not a reliable estimate. For the price you pay, it’s a good enough deal.

However, we do have a few remarks to make. It feels underpowered. It’s much like the last product on our list. Had it been slightly more powerful, it’d been probably our top pick. It looks good, it looks promising, but it cannot deliver what it’s supposed to.

The feature it has justifies its positioning, and the price is just too good to miss out on. Needless to say, we’re not here just to save money, we are looking for the best indoor mosquito trap! The Hausbell Mosquito Killer is not the best one, but it sure is a budget solution.[produkte orderby=”date” order=”desc” include=”198″ layout=”list” review=”false” detail_button=”false” buy_button=”true” details_fields=”true” details_tax=”true” reduced=”false” align=”left” slider=”false”]

BRISON Ultrasonic Plug-in Device

Some are created great, others become great, like the Brison Ultrasonic here. It’s small, some will say compact, but we can all agree that it’s affordable.

There are frequent deals available for this particular item, meaning, you can save some money potentially, yet get rid of the mosquitoes in your home. The price makes it come off as a budget option, but in reality, it’s actually one of the more expensive ones.

Its strength lies in buying several of these, to create sort of a perimeter. But, if you were to do this with pretty much any of the top 5 mosquito traps for indoor, they’d do the job better than this one. However, the price tag on this one, when buying in bulk, can go down, unlike with most other mosquito killers.

As far as the usual features and flaws go, it’s silent, almost too silent if you’re asking us. Power is fine, the design is fine, but there’s a lot of noise on the market among customers that have tried this one.

Spec-wise, it’s supposed to be able to cover an area of 1100 sq feet, which is huge in mosquito trap terms. [produkte limit=”1″ orderby=”date” order=”desc” include=”1179″ layout=”list” review=”false” detail_button=”true” buy_button=”true” details_fields=”true” details_tax=”true” reduced=”false” align=”left” slider=”false”]

Original Indoor Insect Trap by Katchy

It’s portable, covers up to 320 sq ft, and it costs less than most other robust indoor mosquito traps. When we say portable, we mean the Katchy indoor mosquito trap comes with its very own power bank. Unlike other 110V devices, this one runs on 5V, yet it can deliver 5W of power.

Note, this is not a zapper, rather a trap. You will have to re-order the glue board once you run out of them. We recommend ordering in bulk as soon as you order the product. This way you will avoid staying without any mosquito protection.

Like many other manufacturers, Katchy also recommends turning on the mosquito trap before actually going to sleep. We still haven’t reached the mosquito traps that can deliver consistent high performance, or high kill rate of mosquitoes.

Note, you have to turn off all lights in your room, and give it some time. Many people complain that it’s not taking care of mosquitoes, only to realize that they have been using the trap wrong all the long. Moreover, as per the instructions, it’s supposed to be placed near the source of the insects, regardless of the type of insects.

In addition, the glue boards become a considerable cost in the long run. This is why we prefer a zapper over a mosquito trap. When it comes to the Katchy Indoor Mosquito trap, we also have to point out that due to the product design, the glue boards are not effective. Then again, Katchy backs the product with a 1-year warranty!

Our verdict, worth the money, but it cannot deliver consistent results in big areas. Also, requires too much time before results become apparent.[produkte orderby=”date” order=”desc” include=”194″ layout=”list” review=”false” detail_button=”false” buy_button=”true” details_fields=”true” details_tax=”true” reduced=”false” align=”left” slider=”false”]

Dynatrap DT150 Ultralight Insect Trap

Dynatrap, although a well-established brand on the market, present for decades now, has a few products that cannot live up to the customer’s expectations. This particular product does not fare so well against its competitors.

It’s affordable, but that’s pretty much its best feature. It looks nice, good enough now to move it away if people come over. However, it comes with a catch. The problem is that it requires frequent maintenance, in other words, you need to clean it frequently. If this is not a problem for you, do it!

What happens if you don’t? Well, the motor, the fan, will break, and you will have a lamp basically. According to the manufacturer, it can cover an area of 300 sq ft, which seems reasonable, but, there’s a big but. If the light bulb goes out, you cannot replace it. This feature is available with other, higher-end Dynatrap models, but not the DT150.

Granted, it’s quiet, and it does not require any extra maintenance, besides frequent cleaning of the container where the insects are stored.

This particular product is capable to deal with larger bugs as well. Strangely the bigger ones tend to be more attracted by the light than the CO2. This is one of the advantages of traps versus zappers, bigger bugs are easy prey for them! Still, the fact that you cannot replace the lightbulb is a deal breaker for us, which is why it takes this position.[produkte orderby=”date” order=”desc” include=”197″ layout=”list” review=”false” detail_button=”true” buy_button=”true” details_fields=”true” details_tax=”true” reduced=”false” align=”left” slider=”false”]

OTBBA Electric Bug Zapper

It says it’s a bug zapper, but in practice, it’s effective only against mosquitoes. This is one of the reasons why it’s listed last on our best indoor mosquito traps. Moreover, it’s not as consistent. Many people report that there are times when it just does not kill bigger bugs, yet that it does a fair job with mosquitoes.

Maybe if it was slightly more powerful than the existing 0.8W it would’ve done a better job. It’s safe, that’s for sure, but it’s also not a threat for most bugs that you might have in your home. Yet again, it can deal with mosquitoes to a certain extent.

Also, we’d rather put the OTBBA Electric Bug Zapper close to a window, and hope that it eliminates the mosquitoes while they are on their way in. Unless it attracts the mosquito with the UV light, it’s no good.

It has to be in the dark, meaning there could be occasions, situations, when this product will be ineffective, or it will simply take too long before you see any results. The manufacturer is not reliable, and neither is the OTBBA Electric Bug Zapper.

Overall, inconsistent and not effective enough to go any higher on our list. If you’re wondering why the hell it’s still listed? The answer is, it comes with a light-sensor and with the price tag it has, it’s a FAIR deal, to say the least. Lastly, it comes with a 1-year warranty, though, we wouldn’t rely on that too much.[produkte orderby=”date” order=”desc” include=”195″ layout=”list” review=”false” detail_button=”false” buy_button=”true” details_fields=”true” details_tax=”true” reduced=”false” align=”left” slider=”false”]

What Attracts Mosquitoes?

Thanks to science, common sense and years in research, we know pretty good what attracts mosquitoes. The following are like a magnet for mosquitoes. Moreover, some of them are used as the basis for the indoor mosquito traps that are displayed on this page.

  • Potassium – it comes in small traces in blood and sweat as well. Basically, it’s what hints mosquitoes that there’s food just around the corner. Eating food that’s high on potassium will put a sign over you visible only to mosquitoes saying, “dig in”. Foods rich in potassium: Oranges, Bananas, Dried Fruit, Potatoes, Peas, Cucumbers)
  • Salt – it’s an expected one, mostly because the majority of people are aware that when they’re sweaty, mosquitoes put them on the menu. You turn into this red-light bulb in the eyes of mosquitoes when you’re sweaty.
  • Fruity Aromas – Whether it’s some fruit in a bowl, spilt juice or your perfume is fruity, mosquitoes will love you. It’s recommended to stay away from fruity, strong perfumes in the summer, and go for something more electrifying.
  • Blood Type O – don’t worry, there will be no blood sacrifices to get rid of the mosquitoes indoors. However, according to research, mosquitoes are attracted more to people with blood type O, than any other blood group. Moreover, blood type A is the least popular among mosquitoes.
  • UV light – it is the solution to all of your mosquito problems! Basically, all mosquito zappers use UV light to attract these annoying pests, and the fan just pushes them to their demise, zapping them.
  • CO2 – You breathe out C02 with every breath, and mosquitoes are attracted to it. Propane mosquito traps mimic the CO2 we breathe out and attract them. They work slightly differently from mosquito zappers.


Types of Indoor Mosquito Traps

Based on what trap uses to attract and kill the mosquitoes, there are several different types of traps. Now, these are not exactly official categories, but it will help you make up your mind, and ultimately, your final buying decision will be an easier one.

Electric Mosquito Traps

The best thing about electric mosquito traps, also known as mosquito or insect zappers is that they require little maintenance. They use UV light as the main lure, but there are some electric mosquito zappers that heat organic compounds that mimic human odors, making the zapper several times more effective and more efficient. This allows zappers to cover a wider area.

Due to their nature, being clean, non-toxic and without any pesticides whatsoever, they’re considered to be the best type of indoor mosquito traps.

Propane Mosquito Traps

They’re robust, not as efficient, but they do an OK job outdoor. The main problem many people face with propane mosquito traps is that they require a little more maintenance than the other two. For starters, you will have to change the propane tank every 3 or so weeks. It’s high pressure, and it can be dangerous, especially if not handled properly. Besides being pressurized, propane is flammable!

Because of this, it requires special attention, and it has to be clean all the time!

Lures – Sticky Mosquito Traps, FAN Mosquito Traps

No sound, no electricity, no propane, just good old lures/attractants. Instead of killing them, this type of mosquito killers just trap mosquitos. They lure them in because they’re perfect for laying mosquito eggs. Now, the mosquito traps that are currently on the market come with this sticky part, at least most of them.

Difference Between Outdoor and Indoor Mosquito Traps

  • Indoor Mosquito Traps Require Lower Power Output
  • Indoor Mosquito Killers are Generally Less Noisy
  • Compact and Better Design
  • Indoor traps act as Indoor Lamps as well

Ultraviolet Mosquito Killer

Technically speaking, the UV light is not the thing that actually kills the mosquito, rather just the thing that attracts the mosquitoes. Usually, the wires that emit the light have electricity current going through them. Once the mosquitoes come close enough, they meet their demise. In spite of this, mosquito zappers are referred to as ultraviolet mosquito killers, for no reason whatsoever.

If somebody tries to sell you UV mosquito killer, chances are, they’re just trying to make it sound fancy. There’s no added value really. What adds value though, when buying an indoor mosquito zapper is whether it makes a loud “zap” or not.

Quiet Indoor Mosquito Killer

Unsurprisingly, the best indoor mosquito killer is quiet. It has to be, otherwise, the noise that mosquitoes make will eventually wake you up in the middle of the night.

It’s probably the sweetest sound that can wake you up, since you know there’s one mosquito-less in your room. If you’re looking for the quietest indoor mosquito trap, have a look at the top 3 home mosquito traps below.

If your question is, why are some mosquito killers louder than others, we like your thought process!

The one vital difference is their type. The quiet mosquito killers are not zappers, rather traps. Instead of killing them instantly, they just suck them in, and dehydrate them. So, you don’t hear the loud “ZAP” when they die. Although electric mosquito traps come off as the best option when it comes to indoor mosquito problems, you have to go silent, but deadly!

Maintenance of Indoor Mosquito Traps

Treat it nice, and it will keep mosquitoes at bay! With a little bit of maintenance, not only will the mosquito killer lamp, or the zapper, or the mosquito trap look nice, it will also do its job properly.

Replace the Attractant Regularly (20-30 days)

If it’s a propane powered mosquito trap, you have to make sure you change the tank when needed. In most cases, it’s 3 weeks, but it depends on the size of the tank and the make and model of the mosquito trap. While you’re changing the tank, make sure that the hose is in good shape. Frequent checkups can extend the life of the product.

Clean or Replace the Mosquito Net

If your mosquito trap comes with a net, or a grid (that zaps the mosquitoes), clean them! Once in a while, during the season, it’s a good idea to replace this net. It will remove any potential odors in the near future, and it will also look better! There are no malfunction threats, but you’ll appreciate the fresh look!

Protect it from the Elements

Especially if it’s an electric one! Any poor wiring is a serious threat in the presence of water. In addition to this, if the trap is full of water, it will attract mosquitoes, but it will not eliminate them. In practice, you will be giving them a rent-free place to lay their eggs, multiply and come back stronger than ever and in large numbers![produkte orderby=”date” order=”desc” include=”196″ layout=”list” review=”false” detail_button=”false” buy_button=”true” details_fields=”true” details_tax=”true” reduced=”false” align=”left” slider=”false”]

How to Use an Indoor Mosquito Trap Effectively

Many self-proclaimed experts on the internet like to promote the idea of natural mosquito repellents. The truth is, we’d like to do the same, but they are simply not that effective. Moreover, since they are natural, they come with an expiration date.  In other words, after a while, they either lose their potency, or they change their form, making them useless.

The first useful advice we have is to consider the area the indoor mosquito trap can cover. It’s basically the same as buying an A/C. Beyond a certain point, the A/C can no longer keep the temperature low or high enough. If you want to do this, you have to get a more powerful A/C. That, or, or you can get another A/C to make up for the lack of power.

Same goes for indoor mosquito traps. If the room where you want to put the fan mosquito trap, or even the mosquito zapper is larger than usual, or the specified area coverage, consider getting two. Regardless of the type of the mosquito trap or killer, you have to pay attention to this. Failing to identify this issue will result in a home full of mosquitoes even with the indoor trap running 24/7.

[accordiongroup id=”272″][accordion group=”272″ title=”How to make an Indoor Mosquito Trap?” active=”true”]You can try and make a DIY indoor mosquito trap, but the results are usually underwhelming. We recommend buying a conventional, mainstream, industrial mosquito trap, that will deal with your mosquito problem once and for all.[/accordion][accordion group=”272″ title=”How to kill mosquitos?” active=”true”]The best way to get rid of mosquitoes is with a mosquito trap or a mosquito zapper. The latter is considered more cost-efficient, whereas the first one is more effective, as it can deal with larger bugs as well.[/accordion][/accordiongroup]

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