Best Mouse Traps Reviews in 2020

Just like humans, the mice are looking for food and shelter, and your home can be a suitable place for them to reside. If there are signs that indicate mice infestations in your home, instead of panicking, start acting right away.

Their population is growing at warp speed, and you should be aware of the health risks the mice expose you to, no matter how small and harmless they might look. They can damage the insulation, wiring, or electric devices all around your house, and contaminate your food into the bargain.

Therefore, it is for the best to destroy the raiders as soon as possible, before the damage is done.

The best way to get rid of these uninvited guests, which have continually been roaming around your home, is with a mouse trap.

Best 7 Mouse Traps Currently Available

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Types of Mouse Traps – What you Should Know?

Finding the best mouse trap can be quite a challenge since you will come across plenty of them on the market. They are designed either to kill the rodent instantly, or to just capture it, according to which they come in several types.

So, if you are looking for a deadly appliance, electric mouse traps are the best mouse killers. They kill the mouse in a second, without torturing the rodent, unlike the glue or rolling log mouse traps, where it takes much longer.

On the other hand, if you do not want to neither kill, nor harm the pest, humane mouse traps are the best way to catch a mouse, and release it afterwards (far away from your home, of course!).

Lastly, if you do not want to come in touch with the rodents at all, mice repellent is supposedly the best option, so the pests give your home a wide berth.

When buying the most effective mouse trap, you should know what you should look for so that you have the job done in the most effective way possible, as well as to get your money’s worth. So, whichever you decide to buy, whether be it electric, humane, glue, rolling log mouse trap, or mice repellent, will be an effective way to keep the rodents away from your home.

In the following reviews are some pros and cons of the above-mentioned mouse traps which will help you choose the most suitable product to add in your pest control arsenal that will make you feel comfortable in your own house again.


Electric Mouse Traps 

An electric mouse trap is lethal to any mouse that comes inside it. It is a small box where the bait is placed. It works in such a way that it attracts the rodent inside and then the metal plates deliver a high-voltage shock that kills it in just a few seconds.

Once the mouse touches the plates, the loop of the circuit completes and electrical power is released. Allegedly, it is a humane way to kill the rodent, if there is such at all. At least, it is fast, which is why it is the best mouse killer.

The electric mouse traps run on batteries and are suitable for any occasion and areas with or without electricity. Their entrance is so small and is designed in such a way that only mice and rats can come into it, which makes them extremely safe to use.

This way the kids and pets are protected from getting a shock. Also, they come with an LED indicator which by glowing notifies you that the pest has been eliminated. Furthermore, it does not contain any toxic materials, which is safe for both the people and the environment.

On the other hand, unlike the other types of mouse traps, the electric ones come at much higher cost, but are cost-effective. They are reusable, so you save money. Finally, avoid putting the trap outside, since it can cease to function because of moisture.

Should these nocturnal rodents invade your home, the electric mouse traps are a fast and very effective option to dispose of them.


Rat Zapper RZC001-4 – Classic Mouse Trap Review

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It is compact and is designed in such a way that only mice and mid-size rats can get inside. And once they get inside, there is no mouse trap escape.

This electric mouse trap consists of a box with metal plates inside that provide electricity as soon as the mouse steps on and the circuit is complete. Once the rodent is caught, an electric shock is released through its body and kills it immediately.

It requires four AA batteries to function. Place a bait inside the box, which will lure the critters, and turn it on. It features LED light, which when blinks green, notifies that the trap is activated, while when turns red indicates that the mouse is caught.

As the trap is reusable, you can use it over and over again, just make sure to empty the box after every catch.


High-voltage shockNot as effective on larger rodents
LED light indicatorNot for outdoor use
Easy to useShort battery life


Moreover, it is easy to maintain, since you do not come into contact with the dead rodent when disposing of it. After being caught, just empty the box.

This way, you do not expose yourself to a risk of contracting a disease. However, never forget to put on gloves, just in case. When you reset the trap, check if there is some debris left on the plates. If that is the case, clean them with alcohol.

It is of a great importance to outsmart the mice and choose the position carefully. They are most actively operating near food sources, along the walls, behind appliances, or in dark corners. The best way to place the trap is 2 to 10 feet apart in the area the rodents are most active.

Also, do not hesitate to put as many traps as possible. It is recommended to put up to three for every pest present. However, this electric mouse trap is designed for only indoor use, so never place it outdoors, so as to avoid malfunction.

Disadvantages of the Rat Zapper RZC001-4

On the other hand, what comes as a great disadvantage, as many people complain, is that sometimes the shock is not strong enough to kill the rodent.

Given the fact that the electric mouse traps are running on batteries, they are draining when the device is left on during the day, whether the mouse be caught, or not. The trap is most effective when the batteries are still brand new, which does not guarantee that the mouse will come inside at that very moment. However, they can be replaced anytime.

Assuming that the batteries are always fresh, this electric mouse trap would be a great solution for mice infestation. But, since it is not the case 100% of the time, you do not need a device to just feed the rodents, but to catch them as well. So, this might not be the best mouse trap to solve your problem.


Victor Electronic Mouse Trap- No touch, No See disposal – M2524 Review

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Victor electronic mouse trap works in such a way as all electronic mouse traps do. When the rodent comes in touch with the two plates, it gets an electric shock and dies immediately.

First things first, make sure to set it up properly, so it operates as effectively as possible. Put four AA batteries inside, place the bait (a little bit of peanut butter will do the job), and turn it on. When the mouse gets inside, a mouse trap escape would be a mission impossible.

As soon as it is electrified, the blinking green light on the LED indicator, which comes as an extra feature, will notify you to get rid of it. A hundred kills with one set of batteries is a bit far-fetched, since you get the best out of the electronic mouse traps while the batteries are still fresh.

But they can be replaced anytime with new ones. The good thing is that the trap is reusable. Ensure the plates are clean, and reset it for further operating. Furthermore, it contains no harmful substances that will affect your health, as well as the environment.


High-voltage shockNot for rats
LED indicatorNot for outdoor use
Easy to use


As we mentioned before, the position of the trap plays a big part in the whole mouse-disposal process. Once you determine where they are most active, place the trap 2 to 10 feet apart in that same area.

However, since the entrance is too small, this electronic mouse trap is designed for mice only. For larger rodents, such as rats, you will need to look for another solution. Also, it is recommended to not be exposed to the outdoor elements, so that it does not go kaput.

On the other hand, people complain that there have been cases when the trap has been activated, but the bait was missing.

So, taking into consideration the users’ experiences with all the electric mouse traps we have reviewed so far, we still have not encountered a product that will work effectively 100% of the time.

If it is only mice that are overrunning your home, Victor electronic mouse trap can be a good way to expel the unwanted visitors. However, this is not the best mice trap you will get for the price.

Hoont Powerful Electronic Rodent Trap Review

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Hoont electronic mouse trap is lethal to any rodent curious enough to explore the inside of the box.

Setting this electronic mouse trap up does not take any effort. You can choose whether to power it with four D batteries or to plug it in with the 5 Ft. plug-in adapter that comes with the product, which is of great advantage, seeing that you can use the trap anywhere, even in areas without electrical outlets, or electricity.

Once it is powered, put a bait inside, place the mouse killing trap in the most suitable place, and turn it on. Featuring smart detection technology, the trap activates only when the presence of the pest is detected, so that it prevents unnecessary usage of power.

When the critter steps on the two metal plates, electric shock of 7000V is released and kills it on the spot. It is designed for rodents of all sizes, even for squirrels.

The trap also features indicator light which notifies you when the rodent is electrified, so that you dispose of it. Furthermore, you do not come into contact when tossing it out, so there is no need to worry about being exposed to a contagious pathogen.


7000VOnly of indoor use
Plug-in or batteries
Smart detection technology
Easy to use


However, the Hoont electronic mouse trap is made for only indoor use, so do not put it outdoors, if you want to protect it from getting damaged by rain or moisture.

Too good to be true? Well, as many people report, the product is not that flawless. According to many, there have been many cases so far, when the rodent gets inside the box, feasts itself, and then gets out without any consequences. Therefore, make sure that there is refund or exchange policy for the product.

Is this the best mouse trap ever? Taking into consideration both the price and pros and cons, there are better choices on the market.


Humane (No-kill) Live Mouse Trap

If you wonder how to catch a mouse alive, because you do not want to get your hands dirty by taking life of the living animal that has invaded your home, the humane mouse traps, or catch and release mouse traps, are the best mice traps to get the job done.

They work in such a way that they capture the mouse inside without causing harm, and you release it afterwards far from your home. Simple as that.

Unlike the electric mouse traps which are intended for mice or baby rats only, almost all the humane mouse trap models will capture any rodent that comes inside, regardless of its size. It just takes a bait, such as crackers or peanut butter, inside the live mouse trap to lure the pest in. As soon as it enters the trap, gets trapped alive.


However, you should check the no-kill mouse trap frequently to avoid the rodent stay inside for too long. Otherwise, it can die in inhumane way, of suffocation, starvation, or dehydration.

The location of the trap is very important in the mouse-catching process. The trap should be placed in areas in which there are signs of mice activity, which are usually dark, warm areas, or near food sources. Never put it in the center of the room, but against a wall, with the entrance in line with the wall.


Furthermore, these non-lethal mouse traps are extremely safe to use, since they contain no toxic materials or electricity. They are reusable and perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. However, it is very important to keep the live mouse trap clean, so it fulfills its task most effectively.

The maintenance is an easy job. Whichever humane mouse trap model you have decided to use, you can clean it with warm water and dish soap. If you use dry baits and wear gloves when touching the trap, you will not need to clean it that often.


Many people choose the humane mice traps as a weapon against these critters that want to make your home their own. If you are compassionate and want to sleep at night with a clear conscience, a no-kill mouse trap is a way to go!


CaptSure Original Humane Mouse Traps – Plastic mouse trap Review

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To kill the rodent is not the only way to dispose of it. CaptSure will not let you wonder anymore how to catch a mouse alive. It is easy and cruel-free solution to get rid of the critters in your home. This catch and release mouse trap is the best way to catch mice by causing them no harm and setting them free afterwards.

Follow these easy steps to set it up:

  • Put inside the box a nice meal for the mice that will tempt them to taste it.
  • Open the door
  • Place the trap in a suitable place.

Choose the position very carefully, in the area where you have spotted traces of mice activity. When the rodent comes in, the door closes and it is captured without harm. Make sure to check the trap more often, so if there is a pest caught inside, you transport and release it as soon as possible.


No kill, cruelty-freeNot for large rats
Easy and safe to use
Easy to maintain
For indoor and outdoor use
Lifetime warranty


CaptSure live catch mouse trap is safe to use around kids and pets since it does not contain any harmful materials. Furthermore, due to its design, you do not come into contact with the pest when releasing it, so the risk of contracting a disease is reduced to minimum.

But, always wear gloves when handling the trap, seeing that you do not know what kind of diseases the mice might carry.

The great advantage of this non-lethal mouse trap is that it is reusable, so it can be used many times over. It is waterproof, so wash it after every catch and set it up again for a new capture. It is perfect for both indoors and outdoors, which is why you can put it wherever you need to, and use it in any situation.

Large rodents will not fit inside, but there is a new larger design of this same trap intended for them.

Finally, the manufacturer backs the product with a lifetime warranty. However, taking into consideration the pros and cons, you will not get disappointed with this appliance.

Is there something we do not like about this humane mouse trap? Not really. According to many people, and in my personal opinion as well, this is not only the best mouse trap for home, but the best mouse trap ever.

Glue Mouse Traps

Mouse glue traps come as small sheets of paper on whose top there is strong adhesive substance so that the pests sticks once it steps on.

They work in such way that you put a bait in the middle of the trap that will attract the rodent, which when steps on the sticky surface, gets trapped, but not killed. Then, you throw the sticky mouse trap away, together with the mouse.

If you wonder how long does it take a mouse to die on a glue trap, the answer is three to five days, which is pretty much long. If it does not suffocate immediately by sticking its face to the trap, the mouse will be dying slowly, until it starves to death or dies of dehydration.

It is for the best to put it out of its misery once it is caught, instead of throwing it away alive. Moreover, if the trap is set outdoors, not only mice, but all other animals can also get stuck if they come into contact with the mouse glue trap.

Even though neither you, nor any of us, is a big fan of rodents that walk around your home as if it is their own, all of us can agree that the sticky traps for mice are the most cruel and inhumane way to get rid of them.

So, why then people choose the mice glue traps over other types of mouse traps? Because compared to the other ones, they are inexpensive, and they are effectively doing their job as well – they do catch the mouse. In addition, the sticky mouse traps are easy to use.

Given the fact that they are single-use items, they need no resetting or re-baiting. Also, they do not contain toxic materials, but we cannot say they are safe to use around kids and pets since they can touch the sticky surface and get stuck to the trap.

If you are looking for a deadly mouse trap, glue traps for mice meet all the requirements for sure. But, if you are looking for a mouse trap that will kill the pest in a humane way, sticky ones are not an option.


Trapper Max Mouse and Insect Glue Boards Review

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Out of many mouse glue traps, Trapper Max Mouse and Insect Glue boards appeared to be among top-rated products by its users. They are very effective in catching the mice, as well as the insects. You get a full case of 72 scented boards, at a very affordable price.


How to Use Sticky Mouse Traps?

The sticky mouse traps are very easy to use. First of all, peel off the protective layer. You can lay the sticky mouse trap flat against a wall, or if you need to set it in dusted area, or around pets, you can fold it up. Then, place the mouse glue trap in the area where the mice are frequent the most, usually in dark areas, along the walls and corners, or under the sink.

You do not need to put a bait, the slightly sweet smell of the trap will attract the pests. The surface of each of these small non-poisonous paper boards provides 29 sq. in./187 sq. cm of capture area. Once the rodent steps on the board, it will get stuck, and mouse trap escape will not be an option.

However, it will not be killed. So, you are supposed to throw the trap away with the mouse stuck to it, which is really cruel to let a living creature die in such a way. It will take days until it dehydrates or starves to death. Instead of letting the critter torture, it is better to kill it immediately after it had been trapped.


29 sq. in./187 sq. cm of capture areaCruel way to get rid of the pests
Non-toxicIndoor use only
Easy to use


Furthermore, the mouse glue boards are supposed to be used indoors only, in places where pets and children have no access. Otherwise, many other animals can get stuck and hurt if they accidentally tread on the trap. If there is a need, the glue can be dissolved with any type of vegetable oil.

With the catchmaster glue traps, you will definitely get good value for the money you have spent. However, if you do not want to do such a cruel and terrible thing to an animal, there are many other options on the market, which are as well effective.


Mouse Repellents (Deterrents)

If you are tired of constantly being in a fight with the rodents that sneak in your house, mouse repellents are a good way to keep them away. To find the best mouse repellent is not an easy task.

Not only are there many types on the market, but also there are many household products that you can use to keep them at bay. It is effective only if it prevents the rodents to come in more than it lets them inside. So, if you do not own a cat, you can give the following products a try to mouse-proof your home:

  • Ammonia – Mice hate strong smells, like odors with very strong ammonia, which smell like the urine of predators.
  • Peppermint oil, cayenne pepper, pepper and cloves – Smell of these foods repel mice. Soak some cotton balls in these oils and place them there where you have noticed mice activities.
  • Mothballs – Their strong scent can scare the mice away.
  • High-frequency sounds – There are devices that emit high-pitched sounds that are intolerable to the mice ears, which make them one of the best mouse repellents.

So, if you have some free entrances in your house for the rodents, that you forgot to seal, put the mouse repellent at that same place, where they enter the house.

It is easier to keep them at a distance than to drive them out after they had invaded the house. Although none of them is perfectly effective, they contribute to the whole pest control process.

MaxMoxie Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller Review

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Ultrasonic sounds and electromagnetic waves that are inaudible to human ears are irritating to rodents. That is exactly what this mouse repellent emits.

Ultrasonic 20-65KHz frequency sounds that cover an area of 1200 sq.ft., and as it claims, keeps both the rodents and insects away from your home.

Under perfect circumstances, in a room where there is no furniture, or objects to interfere with the spreading of the ultrasonic waves, the MaxMoxie could be the best mouse repellent. Its compacts design is suitable for average-sized rooms, basements, or attics.

It takes only an electric outlet to plug the device in (vertically, always!), so it starts operating. The MaxMoxie Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller does not use much electricity to work, so you will not have extra costs. It is recommended to put the mouse repellent in each room in your house, 2-4 feet above the floor. Furthermore, it features a nightlight that can be turned off anytime, which is great for your kid’s bedroom.


1,200 square feet coverage3-4 weeks to start reducing the pest activity
For rodents and insectsNot always effective
Easy to use


If it worked effectively 100% of the time, this would be a chance to get rid of the poisons and mouse traps that harm the rodents. But, you will come across many different experiences with this product, and as many users report, if there is mice infestation in your home, this electronic mouse repellent is not a device to be relied on completely.

It contributes to the whole pest control process, but altogether with the mouse traps. When the ultrasonic sounds reach the mice ears, they drive the rodents insane, so they will go right inside the trap, as they are escaping from the intolerable waves. That is the best way to catch a mouse, and that is when you get the best results. On the other hand, this electronic mouse deterrent does keep the insects away.


If you are looking for the best electronic mouse repellent, MaxMoxie is a good choice. However, it is preferred to use it along with a mouse trap to get the most satisfactory results.


Rolling Log (Bucket) Mouse Trap

If it is mice infestation in your home you are dealing with, there is a great possibility that you have already tried most of the mouse traps to get your problem solved in the most effective way. If you still have not come across the right product, a rolling log mouse trap is worth a try.

The rolling mouse trap is very easy to make. It takes:

  • a 5-gallon bucket
  • a rolling cylinder that rotates in the center of the top of the bucket
  • wooden boards to put on both sides of the bucket, on which the mouse will crawl to the top
  • a bait in the middle of the log.

Once it steps onto the log, it rolls and the mouse falls in the bucket. In addition, the rolling mouse trap, unlike most of the traps, needs no resetting after every catch.

Also, instead of the rolling cylinder, you can attach two planks on the bucket. The plank mouse trap works in the same way as the rolling mouse trap – once it reaches the top, the mouse falls in the bucket.

The rolling log mouse trap can be both kill and no-kill trap. It is up to you to decide if you want to get rid of the mice in humane way, or not. If you want to kill the rodents, fill the bucket with water, so that they drown. Or, you can put antifreeze that will prevent mice from rotting and spreading terrible odor.

If you are a compassionate human being, you have probably decided to take the humane approach when disposing of the pests. Create the DIY humane mouse trap by following the above-mentioned steps, just do not fill it with water. The rodents will not be able to escape due to the bucket’s slippery sides. Now that the bucket is full of live mice, you can transport them to a suitable location and release them.

Even though the rolling log mouse trap works perfectly with mice, you will need a bigger bucket if it is rats you need to catch, since they can escape from the 5-gallon one. Take a 55-gallon drum instead.

Rolling log mouse trap is not only easy but also a very effective way to make your home only yours again.


Original Rolling Log Mouse Trap Review

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You must be tired of constantly setting and emptying mouse traps, so that you catch as many mice as possible, at full speed. Now that you have come across the Original Rolling Log Mouse Trap, it will not be the case anymore. Once it is set up, the mice will just fall down inside, and you will not need to worry about resetting it for a new catch.

This highly rated mouse trap has proven very effective when getting rid of the mice, which makes it one of the best mouse traps for home. It is the “only one” that caught the “11 mice in one night.” It is very lightweight, the rolling metal cylinder is 2-4 oz. lighter than the average mouse, which makes the whole process a lot easier.


Easy to set up and useNot for rats


Attach the metal log to a 5-gallon bucket (which is not included in your purchase), and set two ramps at two sides of the bucket. Then, put a bait in the middle of the log, and wait for the rodents to start coming one by one. As soon as the pest reaches the top and steps onto the rolling mechanism, it falls inside the bucket. Very simple.


If you want to kill the mice, fill the bucket with water. They will drown once they fall inside, which is not really humane way to kill a living creature. Otherwise, just leave the bucket empty. Once it is full with trapped rodents, you can take the bucket as far from your home as possible, and release them. There will not be a chance for them to climb to the top of the bucket and escape, because of its slippery sides.


This rolling log mouse trap is a very effective option to get rid of the mice in your home. If you are looking for a way to catch rats, try with larger bucket, or another mouse trap. The 5-gallon bucket is not large enough to keep them inside.


However, the trap is absolutely worth the money.


Mouse Traps FAQs

[accordiongroup id=”423″][accordion group=”423″ title=”How to Catch a Mouse?” active=”true”]The best way to catch a mouse is with a mouse trap. Whichever model you decide to use, make sure to choose the position carefully, since the location of the trap is of the utmost importance. Place it where the mice are most frequent.[/accordion][accordion group=”423″ title=”How to Get Rid of Mice Without Killing Them?” active=”true”]If you want to dispose of the rodents without killing them, use a humane mouse trap. The mouse will only be captured once it gets inside the trap, and you can release it afterwards.[/accordion][accordion group=”423″ title=”How to Keep Mice Out?” active=”true”]Mouse repellents are supposed to keep the mice outside your house, however, they are not 100% effective. If you have not sealed all the entrances in your house to prevent the pests from coming inside, there is no way to keep them out. But, you can use the repellent along with a mouse trap, which will give the best results in the mouse-catching process.[/accordion][accordion group=”423″ title=” How to Get Rid of Mice in the House for Good?” active=”true”]There is no way to get rid of these annoying creatures for good, but there are ways that will help you dispose of them temporarily: Get a cat; Seal entry points; Use mouse traps; Choose the best bait for mouse traps; Seal food in airtight containers; Keep your house clean.[/accordion][/accordiongroup]

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